Galaxy Nexus

Samsung designers reveal the inspiration behind the Galaxy Nexus

There's at least one thing that hardware manufacturers are inspired by: making so much money that they have to sell more phones to make room in the warehouse for a fleet of Bentleys. But the Galaxy Nexus enjoys a design that's fairly unique, between its curved construction and its deliberately spartan layout. So what was the inspiration behind the shape? If you said "taking a Galaxy S II and bending it like a Pringles chip," you'd only be half right: according to the company design blog, the curved shape is meant to recall the outline of a floating magnolia flower petal.

Verizon claims Galaxy Nexus LTE signal is fine, update still coming to change meter

This is interesting. Verizon has now released what appears to be official statement to the crew over at The Verge basically saying that their new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE has zero signal or service performance issues like many (us included) have reported. They go on to mention it just reports the signal bars different and will change the meter in a future update.

Google wishes the Android Community a Happy Holidays [Video]

Tis the season to be jolly right? Google has just released another awesome video similar to their Halloween edition but this time wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and showing us just how fun it would be to work for Google. I could explain this awesome video, or the fact that all the Motorola XOOM's are running Ice Cream Sandwich but I'll just let you enjoy it for yourself.

Leaked 4.0.3 radios for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus improve signal slightly [UPDATE]

Amidst yet another outage of Verizon's data system across large portions of the US, a new radio image for the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus has become available. This ZIP file contains revised code for the CDMA and 4G LTE radios within the device, and according to some of the responders in the XDA thread, allows for slightly better overall signal reception and much better stability. The phone locks on to a data signal faster and tends to keep it longer, with smoother handoffs between 4G and 3G. After testing out the radio myself, the speed and initial connection seem to be only slightly improved. Unfortunately, I can't test the 4G at the moment.

Root users: install Google Car Home on your Galaxy Nexus

One thing that surprised me when looking through my Galaxy Nexus apps wasn't the presence of Verizon's bloatware, it was thew absence of something that's become a standard on Android phones: Google Car Home. It's the app that launched when you slide a phone into a car dock, featuring big, easily pressed buttons to help you stay focused on the road. When I looked for it in the Android Market, there was no sign, and navigating via the web version revealed that Google Car Home isn't yet compatible with either the Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich, or both.

Galaxy Nexus gaming performance: ShadowGun and Riptide GP

Wondering how the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will handle all the high-end games that are coming out and taking advantage of super-powered Android hardware? Well wonder no more. Chris Burns over at SlashGear took his shiny new Nexus on a gaming bender, trying out two high-profile 3D games that are quickly becoming the standard for Android graphics: third-person shooter ShadowGun and jet ski racer Riptide GP.

Light Flow – LED Control: The perfect app for Galaxy Nexus notifications

Just like the Nexus One before it Google has been kind enough to add something I think all smartphones should have to the Galaxy Nexus -- and that is the LED notification light. Something so simple, small, and cheap makes a world of difference. Especially for people like me getting notifications and work emails all day long. For those wanting to get the most out of this awesome feature we have just the app for you.

Galaxy Nexus Ninja Unboxing turns into 8-bit video game

I have one word for this and that is: Awesome! If you remember, Google released similar videos for both the Google Nexus One and the Samsung Nexus S (both linked to below) and my personal favorite was the Nexus S. This new Ninja Unboxing part 3 might just take the cake -- until part 4 of course. In the past they used stop motion animation for these awesome videos but this brings things to an entirely new level. Play the Galaxy Nexus video game today!

Verizon preparing a fix for poor data signal on the Galaxy Nexus

Android Community got a huge response when it articulated the issues that early adopters are having with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus' data signal, and it looks like we weren't the only ones receiving complaints. Verizon has acknowledged the data connection problems via Twitter, and says that a software fix is currently in the works. While the company gave no time frame for implementing the update, Nexus phones are updated directly from Google's servers, and usually very quickly - perhaps the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 release will ease some early users' woes.

Google workers get custom Galaxy Nexus for Christmas

Google is rather infamous for the perks that it offers its workers. It also hands out some pretty cool Christmas gifts as well. According to TheNextWeb, Google is handing out new Galaxy Nexus smartphones to its workers in at least two locations that have customization on the back of the device. The smartphones are being given to workers in the London and Zurich locations for sure.