iPhone 4 vs. G2 vs. Windows Phone 7: Grill Test!

The smartphone battle continues. As you know there has been a lot of argument lately about which smartphone is the best? With the recent make over of the windows phone operating system, everyone is wondering whether or not it competes with the iPhone, while the increasingly popular Android operating system is looking to take over the mobile phone industry.

The T-Mobile G2 overclocked, hits 1.42 GHz

The processor onboard the T-Mobile G2 is the well known 800 MHz Snapdragon which although it's impressive - it's not good enough for many. But, after some extensive work from the folks at xda-developers the device is now clocking in a a blazing fast 1.42GHz.

T-Mobile Responds to G2 Tethering and WiFi Calling OTA Update

We know people who have gotten the OTA update for their G2’s enabling WiFi Calling and Tethering. However, it seems T-Mobile is not ready to comment, if the push was a mistake, or premature. T-Mobile provided an official response to Phonescoop detailing their stance on what happened. Their response wasn’t the response we were looking for but at least they acknowledged that it would be coming, when in another story.

T-Mobile G2 Only $99 from Amazon

Regardless of some recent controversy regarding the root issues, as well as build issues. But still, the G2 is one of the most impressive, full featured phones on the market. To make things even better, it’s only $99 from Amazon.com. The offer extends to new T-Mobile customers and comes with, as always, a 2-year contract. The $99 even includes two-day shipping so you aren’t left without everything that is the G2 for long. You can check availability and make a purchase over at Amazon.com right now.

T-Mobile Responds to G2 Root controversy

Fans of rooting Android devices to make them more useful or different were hit with a road bump this week when the G2 was found to have a chip preventing software modification. After some stir up T-Mobile has now responded to this issue with a short Press Release.

T-Mobile G2 Available Officially Today

The much hyped T-Mobile G2 is officially available today. It’s long journey to launch: rumors, followed by pictures, pre orders, early arrivals, and hardware problems, is now coming to an end with the official launch date set at today, October 6th 2010. Early reviews are holding steady regardless of the known issues of the devices, and even those with affected handsets with loose hinges recommend the phone and say they prefer it to their old handset. The phone boasts 4G speeds, which if you’re in the area of T-Mobiles 4G network is proving to be not only fast by reliable as well. The device will cost you $199.99 after $50 mail-in rebate card or $499.99 with no annual contract signing. Are you one of the lucky ones who got the G2 early? Did you get yours today? Let us know your initial thoughts on the device in the comment section!
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