Google facing another antitrust case, this time in the US

Majority of the Android community may be grateful to Google for all the products and services that company has introduced or will still announce but admit it or not, not everyone trusts it nor is happy about its huge success all over the world. No doubt about it, Google is the world's biggest search engine and the Android platform dominates the mobile industry in terms of market share, closely followed by Apple's iOS.

Developer for malware app settles out of court with FTC, New Jersey

You really have to be careful nowadays with apps that are promising various rewards and bonuses (and if they don't come from reliable developers). Chances are, they are either a fraudulent company or they will be unleashing a malware on your device that will eat up your battery or memory or worse, it might actually steal something from you. The developer of one such app decided to settle out of court with the Federal Trade Commission and the New Jersey government, and now they will never be able to create similar apps ever again.

Investigate YouTube Kids for deceptive ads, says advocacy groups to FTC

Admit it or not, YouTube is one convenient babysitter. It's not just the tablet being used as an entertainer or sitter but the YouTube app particularly brings the entertainment to the kids who are already bored after playing dozens of games and apps. However, there is a problem of inappropriate videos, ads, and related videos showing up to entice the kids from clicking. I know because I'm a parent of a 5-year old who likes watching Minecraft, Star Wars, toy reviews, and cat videos. While I am grateful that the kid can be quiet for a few minutes (no, hours), I hate the ads that suddenly show. Good thing he knows how to press 'Skip ads' now.

Judge dismisses AT&T claim that FTC can’t sue them for data throttling

October last year, the Federal Trade Commission filed in federal court lawsuit against AT&T for data throttling. According to the FTC, the carrier deceived consumers by offering unlimited data plans and throttling speeds. Allegedly, AT&T was controlling the network speed once the 3GB or 5GB limit was reached. AT&T was then quick to respond by saying FTC can't sue them because they were just a common carrier and there was an exception.

FTC files complaint in federal court against AT&T for throttling

The FTC has filed a complaint against AT&T in federal court that alleges AT&T Mobility has misled millions of smartphone customers by charging them for so-called unlimited data plans while reducing data speeds. The FTC says that in some cases AT&T reduced data speeds by nearly 90%. AT&T failed to adequately disclose to customers on unlimited data plans that if they hit a certain amount of data use, speeds would be throttled according to the FTC complaint.

FTC orders Google to refund unauthorized in-app purchases

The Federal Trade Commission ordering tech giants to pay up for unlawful charges is nothing new. Earlier this 2014, Apple was slapped and asked to pay $32.5 million to consumers for unauthorized mobile charges. Last July, FTC filed a lawsuit against Amazon for easy in-app purchases. Before that, it accused T-Mobile of billing unwanted charges to customers after receiving numerous complaints about the matter.

FTC files lawsuit against Amazon for easy in-app purchases

After going after Apple previously, the Federal Trade Commission has now filed a lawsuit against Amazon because of its policies that make unauthorized in-app purchases by children on their devices too easy. What’s more, the FTC says that online retail giant’s refund policy is too confusing, preventing parents from refunding the said purchases.

Flashlight app spyware maker only gets a slap on the wrist

Perhaps the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took the phrase "crime doesn't pay" a bit too literally. The government agency has reported reaching a settlement with one-man company GoldenShores Technology regarding its spying Flashlight Android app and imposed a punishment that practically only constitutes a reprimand and some guidelines to follow.
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