Dell Venue Released in Hong Kong

The Dell Venue was just launched in Hong Kong slightly ahead of its launch in South Korea, which is still expected later this month. Looking very similar to the Venue Pro, minus the curved back design and slide-out keyboard, the Venue will feature a 4.1 AMOLED display with a resolution of 800 x 480.

Vodafone HTC Wildfire Froyo update released today [Update: All UK carriers today!]

Hot on the heals of the news that European HTC Wildfire users should expect to see the Froyo update for their Android smartphone roll out sometime this week, Vodafone UK has announced that the Android 2.2 upgrade for their version of the handset is going out this morning. However, it's worth noting that the updated Wildfire still won't support Flash in the browser or Live Wallpapers on the homescreen, because of "hardware limitations". We're guessing this is a shortcoming of the Wildfire's processor. Update: HTC PR tells us that the Wildfire update should be going out to all UK carriers this morning, in fact.
Today sees the launch of the Android 2.2 Froyo update for Vodafone HTC Wildfire customers. Below are the details of what benefits updating to (Froyo) will give along with how to perform the update. About the Update What benefit will this software update deliver? This update from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 introduces all the supported functionalities that are included in this OS update. For a full list, take a look here. The most notable are: - Support for USB tethering - Possibility of installing applications to SD card (if supported by the application) - Native support for Activesync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync) and security policies - Enhanced Camera application - Enhanced Bluetooth support - Speed and stability improvements - Multiple keyboard languages - WiFi Hotspot tethering NOTE: "Live wallpapers" and "Flash" support in the browser (Froyo features) are not supported due to hardware limitations. When the update is available a message will appear on the handset, follow the instructions to install system software. You can manually check if a software upgrade is available by selecting Menu from the Home screen, tapping Settings, scrolling down the screen, tapping About Phone and then System software updates. On this screen tap Check now. How do I check what software version I have? Menu > Settings > about phone > Software Information > Software Number

HTC Wildfire Froyo update hits Europe this week

HTC has announced that the HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 Froyo update will begin rolling out this week in Europe. The much-delayed software is expected to reach "all areas of the world by February" 2011, though by that time we're expecting Gingerbread will have established a strong footing instead. The Wildfire was originally expected to see Froyo in Q3 this past year, but technical delays getting HTC Sense to play nicely with the updated OS meant the launch was pushed back until around Christmas.

Samsung Suspends Vibrant 2.2 Upgrade

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) was updated to 2.2, users have been complaining about battery drain ultimately making their phone useless. Samsung has just released an official statement on its Facebook page stating that because of the issues, they will be temporarily suspending the update's availability on Samsung Kies.

Samsung Intercept Froyo Update Coming December 17th?

Samsung Intercept users have been patiently waiting the arrival of Android 2.2 Froyo. Now being the second to newest operating system we should see it hit a few more devices before the focus turns to Gingerbread early next year. According to a leaked update sheet, we should be seeing the update beginning to be pushed to Intercept users starting December 17th.

O2 Dell Streak Froyo update releasing today

UK carrier O2 has announced that it is pushing out the OTA Android 2.2 Froyo update to the Dell Streak today, as promised earlier this week. The wireless update will begin later on in the day, and be a staggered roll-out; there's no public timescale from O2 as to how long the carrier expects before every device is updated. Froyo will bring with it performance updates together with a new UI for the Streak.
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