Long-lost HTC Merge appears in Verizon holiday ad

Well there's something we didn't expect to see. You might remember the HTC Merge from early this year, when it was announced in February and briefly stopped by the FCC with Verizon bands. While a few regional carriers picked up the QWERTY phone, its debut on Big Red has been long delayed -until now. The folks at AllTechEverything spotted the phone at the bottom of a Verizon Christmas tree in a recent ad, alongside the Samsung DROID CHARGE and the LG Revolution.

Tests show that task killer apps have little to no impact on battery life

Google doesn't like task killers, and they've been steadfastly saying so since the release of Froyo - which, not incidentally, broke functionality for many of them. There are still some hold-outs that claim they're useful for saving the ever-important battery on Android phones, but according to some in-depth research from PCWorld, that just isn't the case. After running the most popular example, Advanced Task Killer, through its paces, the conclusion was that the extra monitoring and other services had almost no effect on the phone's longevity.

Samsung DoubleTime Review

The flexibility of Android and the continuing march of mobile technology progress are making Android available on hardware and price points that would have seemed impossible just a couple of years ago. The latest phone to skirt the line between smartphones and featurephones is the Samsung DoubleTime, a QWERTY phone with a novel hinged and double-screen design. For $50 on a new two-year contract it's definitely on the low end of AT&T's smartphone lineup, but can it stand up on its own? Let's find out.

Verzo Kinzo Android smartphone now shipping for $459

When we first heard that Verzo was going to launch a luxury oriented Android device back in August the ship date was pegged as sometime in September. That launch month came and went and so did the next month. If you had a hankering for that Kinzo phone for some reason, the device is now finally shipping. As of today you can get the Android device for $459.

Android distribution numbers hold steady, Honeycomb still under 2%

When last we saw the distribution of the various Android versions, Gingerbread had nearly cracked 40% of the worldwide Android platform. This month it's passed it, taking 43.9% and inching closer to the still-dominant Froyo. Android 2.2 is still running on just over half of all Android devices, nearly eleven months after Gingerbread's release. Android's tablet OS Honeycomb barely increased to 1.9%, up just two tenths of a percent in a month.

$35 Aakash tablet gets a hands-on, deemed surprisingly OK

The Indian government got some gadget good will when they began subsidizing the incredibly cheap Aakash Android tablet, bringing its student price down to a mere $35. The question on hardware junkies' minds is, is the experience on such a low-grade device acceptable at all? VentureBeat smuggled one of the tablets out and put together a hands-on, and surprisingly, the Aakash came away with a pretty solid showing.

Impression 7 tablet runs Froyo, but it’s cheap

I know what you are going to say when you read the specs of the Impression 7 tablet or i7. OMG, that thing runs Froyo?! Yeah it runs Froyo, but if you are in the market for a cheap Android tablet that you can use for someone just starting or a kid, the i7 might be just the ticket. It's cheaper than the Kindle Fire by $20 with a price of $179.

Google Translate now supports 14 languages, Gene Roddenberry approves

Google wowed onlookers last January when Google Translate for Android added a Conversation Mode, allowing English and Spanish speakers to speak into the app and hear instant voice translations. Amid some other big news today, Google has taken the Conversation mode out of Alpha and now works between fourteen languages. Unfortunately, both Klingon and Vulcan have been snubbed in the first round.

AT&T Impulse 4G by Huawei Review [Video]

When it comes to AT&T, it's difficult not to get lost in the fold, the massive amount of devices this carrier carries, especially when it comes to Android. What Huawei has done here is to not concern themselves with being the biggest, the best, the thinnest, or the lightest, instead coming forth with one of the most plain and easily pocketable devices I've ever seen carry Android. If there was a phone that I'd peg for most likely to be recognized for it's designers, this certainly would win the award for being the opposite of that. Is this Huawei the key to commonality here in the States?
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