Motorola entices buyers with free $50 Play Store gift card

Starting today and going until March 4th, those who opt to purchase one of the many different smartphones currently available from the guys at Motorola will get a nice little gift in return. For eligible smartphones, after purchase users will get a free $50 gift card for the Google Play Store. With many new smartphones on the horizon it appears that Motorola is trying to steal a few more sales real quick.

Box is back giving new users 50GB free cloud storage

The race for who is the best cloud storage option around has never been tighter. Some of the popular options here on Android are Dropbox and, with Google Drive still in there somewhere. Today Box is back offering more incentive for users to go their route, by delivering new users 50GB of cloud storage absolutely free. You can never have too much so read on for more details.

Vector brings Parkour side-scrolling action to Android [Hands-on]

There's certainly no shortage of what we call 2D side-scroller platform games on Android. They're simple, easy to play, and usually a good bit of fun. Meet a new game called Vector that was just released and spotted by Android Police. The same free running side-scroller action we know and love has been mixed into an arcade style Parkour game. It's fun yet challenging so read on for more details and our hands-on video.

Baseball Superstars 2013 arrives for Android

The ultimate Baseball game for all you Android fans is back and better than ever. Gamevil's popular series Baseball Superstars 2013 has just been released to the Google Play Store, and as usual is a free and awesome app. Their first two releases have been downloaded over 45 million times and this is surely another classic for America's favorite game.

TalkTalk offering a free Nexus 7 with purchase of select Android phones

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and English carrier TalkTalk is getting into the giving spirit by offering a free Nexus 7 with the purchase of select Android smartphones. This deal goes into effect on November 20, so if you were planning on purchasing a smartphone, you may want to hold off for a few days, as scooping up a free tablet certainly seems like something worth waiting for. Three of the phones offered are not exactly high-end, but one of the devices will certainly have people taking notice.

Google begins shipping Nexus Q pre-orders

Yesterday, Google announced that it would be heading back to the drawing board with the Nexus Q. Those who pre-ordered the device aren't being left out in the cold, however, as Google announced that they will still be receiving the Nexus Q at the very reasonable price of absolutely nothing. Today, Google confirmed to Android Police that it has started shipping out those free pre-orders to customers.
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