Into The Dead for Android updated – we go hands on

At the end of March an awesome and completely free game launched on Android called Into The Dead, and if you haven't seen it you'll want to check it out below. The extremely popular developers from PikPok Games released this endless-runner style zombie game, but it's certainly one that's memorable. After a quick update this weekend we figured some hands-on video was in order.

Kaspersky mobile security updated with full version trials and new features

Today one of the biggest names in PC and virus protection has just announced some good news for us Android users. If you're one of the many that worries about your mobile smartphone or tablets security, we have some good news in the form of Kaspersky ultimate protection. Their Android smartphone and tablet apps have been available for some time, but today they've announced full-featured (not lite) 30-day trials, as well as some new features.

Evernote fires back at Keep, signs partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Today Evernote has been in the news more than a few times. After Google launched their note competitor last week, Google Keep, we've been seeing plenty mentions of the note-taking app. Today they have two things they've announced in what looks to be a fire back at Google. For one they released an awesome update with tons of new features, and now we've learned they signed an exclusive deal with Deutsche Telekom to improve their international presence.

GOWEX lighting up New York with free Wi-Fi

GOWEX, for those not familiar with the name, is a company that promises to "reinvent your city" and transform it into a Wireless Smart City. That being the case, it looks like they have begun transforming a new city -- New York. Based on details we have seen, GOWEX will be rolling out nearly 2000 hotspots across the city. Or more specifically, they have said they will be offering 1,953 hotspots in and around some of the biggest neighborhoods of the city.

Motorola entices buyers with free $50 Play Store gift card

Starting today and going until March 4th, those who opt to purchase one of the many different smartphones currently available from the guys at Motorola will get a nice little gift in return. For eligible smartphones, after purchase users will get a free $50 gift card for the Google Play Store. With many new smartphones on the horizon it appears that Motorola is trying to steal a few more sales real quick.

Box is back giving new users 50GB free cloud storage

The race for who is the best cloud storage option around has never been tighter. Some of the popular options here on Android are Dropbox and, with Google Drive still in there somewhere. Today Box is back offering more incentive for users to go their route, by delivering new users 50GB of cloud storage absolutely free. You can never have too much so read on for more details.

Vector brings Parkour side-scrolling action to Android [Hands-on]

There's certainly no shortage of what we call 2D side-scroller platform games on Android. They're simple, easy to play, and usually a good bit of fun. Meet a new game called Vector that was just released and spotted by Android Police. The same free running side-scroller action we know and love has been mixed into an arcade style Parkour game. It's fun yet challenging so read on for more details and our hands-on video.
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