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Navfree squares off with Google Navigation in the Android Market

These days just about every new Android phone comes equipped with Google Maps Navigation, the free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that helped put Android on the map. Odds are pretty good that if you bought your phone in the last 8-12 months, it also has a paid carrier navigation app as well. Add one more to your list of navigation options, as Navmii's iPhone app Navfree has made the jump to the Android Market.

What does Dolphin Browser do when it passes 10 million users? Go to Disney World

Exciting news for indie mobile browser Dolphin: they've just passed the 10 million user mark. Dolphin Browser was one of the first alternative browsers available, and has remained popular even in the face of competition from big guys like Firefox and Opera. To celebrate, they're sending one lucky Dolphin fan on a free 5-day trip to Disney World, where they'll naturally be staying at the  Dolphin resort. To enter, you need to download Dolphin and fire off a quick tweet. You can find the contest details on Dolphin's blog.

Sega enters the Android Market with Fallen Realms RPG

It's a fine day for that considerable crossover between Android enthusiasts and classic gaming fans. Sega, one of the staples of the video game world, has released its very first Android game in cooperation with Papaya Mobile. It isn't one of these newfangled physics games or tower defense titles, either - Fallen Realms is an old-school turn-based role playing game from its mail helm to its +1 boots. The game is available from the Android Market now.

United States QR code usage jumps 500%, still isn’t cool

Good news, scanning enthusiasts! Adults in the US are using QR codes and other barcode scanning apps five times as much as least year! Of course, since that's a jump of 1% to 5%, there's still less than one in twenty people who are actually using it. Considering that smartphones in general and Android in particular have seen a genuinely meteoric rise in the general phone market, the rate of QR adoption is positively pokey.

PogoPlug Cloud gives Android access to free cloud storage

Niche hardware maker PogoPlug have made a name for themselves delivering reliable and easy access to network attached storage, both on home and local business networks and across the Internet. Their latest creation is in line with a lot of their more web-centric competitors: PogoPlug Cloud. The free service will give anyone 5 gigabytes of free data storage - no PogoPlug hardware purchase needed - and the current Android app will be updated to access the storage natively.

PayPal for Android updates with NFC, tablet support

Finally, an alternative to Google Wallet - now if only I could find somewhere that actually accepts NFC payment. PayPal completely remade their Android app today, adding near-field communication support, though support for actual retail payments seems to be a little lacking. A completely new layout, a more minimal interface, and a new widget round out the additions. You can download the latest version in the Android Market now.

Android-powered MOD Live makes you a ski slope Terminator

Little GPS gadgets have been a long-time fan for hikers, runners, and skiers, but it looks like Recon Instruments' new MOD Live takes things to a higher elevation. The newest model of wearable computer pairs with your Android phone over Bluetooth to give you a live map of the area, share your run online, and access music and texts without reaching into your coat. The information is sent to a tiny screen that lives on the inside of your goggles.

Griffin’s Beacon Universal Remote Control turns any Android device into a remote

Ever since the faithful old infrared port started disheartening from Palm Pilots, I've been wondering how one might replicate the functionality of the universal remote control programs that graced PalmOS. Today Android owners can get a simulacrum of that experience with the Griffin's Beacon Universal Remote Control system, which will connect with Dijit Media's remote app to control any home theater device with an IR remote. The $69.99 system is shipping from Griffin and major retailers now.

Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is the animated violence you crave for free

Back in the nineties there was a big scare about cartoon violence. Lots of angry mothers with nothing much to decided to make sure that Spiderman couldn't punch anyone with a closed fist and the Animaniacs had to have a Wheel of Morality. Well you're an adult now, and you can have all the gosh-darned cartoon carnage you want. To celebrate that fact, why not try Cartoon Wars: Gunner+, a free download from the Android Market.
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