LG G Flex confirmed for France in February

If you were wondering fit he LG G Flex would be available in your area, there is good news. The G Flex will be carried by Orange, which uses the EE network in the UK but their own in other areas. The device will be available in France, starting in February, but no other details were provided.

Samsung Mobile Store opens its doors in Paris, France

If you're planning to take a trip to a Paris soon (or you happen to live there), then perhaps you should stop in at Samsung's first Mobile Store. The Samsung Mobile Store opened its doors late last week, and though it isn't the first retail store for ol' Sammy, it is the first retail location to focus only on the company's mobile devices. This means that you can expect a ton of Android devices on display, among other things.

Google Play Books now available in France

Google's been hard at work getting their Play Store content to more and more locations around the world. While this isn't as easy as it sounds today they've announced one more to receive the gift of books. Google's Play Store (Android Market) Books are now available for those in France as they continue their rollout to European markets.

ASUS Transformer Pad 300 gets a pre-order in France

Do you love the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, but want something a little down-market? Do you live in or around France? The head on over to the Tablette Store and say, "Je veux le bleu, s'il vous plaît." The ASUS Transformer Pad 300 (minus the "Eee" branding, finally) has just gone up for pre-order. The 32GB version is set at  €499, or about $650. ASUS mentioned a cheaper 16GB alternative when it debuted the 10-inch tablet at Mobile World Congress, but there's no sign of it today - though the retailer says that the tablet will be available on May 15th. Presumably the price is for the tablet alone, though the keyboard dock is pictured.

Samsung’s March 22nd event is not, repeat NOT the Galaxy S III

After the disappointing news that Samsung is electing not to grace Mobile World Congress with the presence of its much-anticipated Galaxy S III, many jumped on its French event slated for March 22nd as the possible stage for the phone's unveiling. Alas, this is not the case: The Next Web heard it straight from the source that the March 22nd event will be more of a showcase for those devices that are displayed at MWC. Also, not to be the person that goes "I told you so", but.. I told you so.

Samsung schedules March 22nd event in France

Samsung's announced a new event! Quick, let's dig through the Galaxy S III rumor mill and see what they'll debut! Hold your horses, Samsung faithful - there's reason to believe that the latest Samsung event isn't the one the company hinted at when delaying the newest flagship. Two things point to a smaller announcement: one, it's in March, just three weeks after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And two, it takes place in France, and apparently in French as well. Meaning no disrespect to our French readers, that indicates a regional announcement, probably a modified existing model like the Galaxy S Advance or a partnership with a local carrier. The lingua franca (so to speak) for the tech world is English, and announcements tend to come as such wherever they are: see Google and Samsung's Hong Kong announcement of the Galaxy Nexus.