Pebble explains delays in Android support

Among the smartwatches currently out in the wild, Pebble has probably enjoyed longest majority of the spotlight. Unfortunately for Android users, releases have not been as fast as the other platform, and now Pebble lead software engineer Kean Wong is telling us why.

Android shown to be out of touch when it comes to OS updates

It’s the concern so many Android users have: when will my phone be upgraded to the newest version? As Android fans, we want to know that we will at least see the newest Android version soon after launch. While we don’t expect to see our HTC or Samsung device carry the latest flavor of Android the same day as a Nexus device, we don’t want to get left behind, either.

Android 4.4 weight loss secrets revealed

One of Android 4.4's advertised new features isn't exactly something you'd immediately see in devices. The latest version of Android is claimed to have been optimized to run even on low-end devices thanks to an effort internally known as Project Svelte. How this was made possible is now being revealed by Android engineering head Dave Burke who was also responsible for bringing Project Butter's improvements to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Android fragmentation report highlights Samsung’s dominance

The topic of Android fragmentation has once again returned. This time around the talk has come by way of the recently published Android Fragmentation Visualized report from OpenSignal. This report is taking a look at fragmentation as both a strength and weakness and while there is quite a bit of information available, we cannot help but overlook how this details the dominance of Samsung. But first, some other interesting numbers from the report.
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