Lead your football team to glory in Championship Manager: All Stars 

Now that European football season has already begun, you will spend many weekends with your blood pressure rising because the manager of the team you’re supporting makes seemingly idiotic decisions. Games like Football Manager, where you actually get to manage a virtual football team, has helped fans understand the intricacies and given them the chance to actually affect the changes they want to make, even if it’s just make-believe. A new version called Championship Manager: All Stars is now available for you to practice more.

Futhead now available as an app for Android devices

European football season is set to kick off next week, and for those who are scrambling to create their dream squads for their FIFA 15 video game or just their office pool, they need all the help they can get to do well in their respective fantasy pools. Futhead, a hugely popular community for those who play FIFA (not the organization okay), has released an app so you can have easier and more convenient access to the community’s features and news, even when you’re mobile through your Android device.

Lead your country to soccer victory in Striker Soccer America

With the US' surprising victory today over current World Cup champions Germany in a friendly match, some people who caught the game accidentally may have been newly converted into the world of soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, football. And even though in reality, the US will not be competing in the upcoming 2015 Copa America, well at least you still get the choice to play them, together with 17 other countries in the new Striker Soccer America 2015 Android game.

Experience “true touchscreen football” with Tiki Taka Soccer

If you're not a football fan, then probably you would think that the words "tiki taka" is some specie of insect or something. But if you're reading this, then you're probably already familiar with this kind of passing football that brought Spain the World Cup trophy back in 2010 (let's not talk about what happened in 2014). But now it is a new football game available on Android devices and it claims it is the first "true touchscreen soccer" game in the market.

PES Club Manager now available for Android football lovers

The European football club season may be over, so if you're craving for something related to the sport, your only option would be to either watch and follow the leagues from other regions or you can just start "training" for next season through mobile games. One of the more popular ones that was only previously available on game consoles has now arrived on Android. Are you ready to become the best club manager in the world with PES Club Manager?

Football Manager Classic 2015 now available for high-end Android tablets

Frustrated football fans make the best football managers. Well, we don't have any real evidence to back that up yet, except for the number of people who go on to play Football Manager whenever their team suffers a huge loss and they blame the manager. Now one of the best and biggest football mobile games is back, better than ever, and it now has support for high-end Android tablets. Welcome to the world of Football Manager Classic 2015.

HTC One M8 releases new special Champions League edition

If you're a football fan who supports clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United or Bayern Munich (among others), and if you're looking for a new smartphone, then you'd want to get your hands on this new baby. HTC announced they're releasing another UEFA Collector's Edition One M8 smartphone, and this time, it's not just the Champions League trophy and logo at the back.

Tipsoccer: fun game even if you don’t know anything about soccer

"We have no idea how soccer works. We just want to play it." So goes the game description for Tipsoccer. But lest you be fooled that it's just a bit of non-sense game that will take up space on your device, it is actually a physics-based game, with a lot of fun, drunk AI opponents and pop culture references thrown in the mix.

Football Manager Handheld 2015 now available on Android

You've been there, sometimes every week. You're watching your football club's weekend game when the manager makes a seemingly stupid decision that cost them the game. You scream at the TV (or in the stadium), you curse, you wail (yes, sports fans do that right?) and you say the words "If I were the manager..." Well, there's a game that has allowed frustrated football fans to take back the power, at least on their mobile devices.

Foosball Cup goes world class in new Android game

If you're still on a post-World Cup hangover, even almost five months after the biggest world football tournament ended, you have probably been reliving your frustrations on mobile games. If you want to try something rather than the traditional football style, then you can try out the newest iteration of the Foosball Cup Android game, which has now gone World style, just like there's an actual Foosball World Cup.
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