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Samsung outs Snapdragon 808-powered G9198 Android flip phone

We saw this Samsung G9198 last month but there was no official launch made yet until last week when the new flip phone was introduced. This new phone was unveiled a few days after the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ phablets were announced. The new clamshell smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor.

Samsung launches SM-G9198 Android clamshell phone in China

Others think that flip phones or clamshell phones are a thing of the past but I know a lot of women who like them. There's something nice and classy about bringing out your phone from your bag or pocket and then flipping it open to use and make a call. Okay, so you may not agree about that kind of vain reasoning but this new Samsung SM-G9198 clamshell smartphone might change your mind.

DoCoMo gets new Arrows and Aquos flip phones

Flip phones seem very retro to me, but some people love the form factor. It gives you a longer handset that might be more comfortable for some to hold. At the same time, the flip form factor makes it easier to store the phone away. It’s also quite satisfying to flip your device shut to end a call rather than hunting for a button. Japanese carrier DoCoMo is set to get two new flip phones that fans of the form factor might appreciate.

LG rolls out new flip phone, calls it the ‘Ice Cream Smart’

Flip smartphones are nothing new. In fact, LG and its close rival Samsung already released a few models the past couple of years. They're not as popular as the other top smartphones but there is still a market for clamshell phones. Last year, LG introduced its first flip style smartphone called the Wine Smart. It was aimed to beat Samsung's SM-G9098 dual screen flip phone. We're not sure if it did succeed but we know LG wants to prove itself once more in the flip phone arena. Enters the LG Ice Cream Smart. This phone doesn't necessarily run Android Ice Cream Sandwich but the name can be really confusing although very yummy.
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