Notion Ink readying $1m+ developer competition for Adam tablet

Remember the Notion Ink Adam?  Ahead of their Mobile World Congress 2010 appearance next week, we caught up with the Notion Ink team to find out about Flash support, digital content, the latest prototype news and why developers should seriously consider creating software for the Adam. One of the stand-out devices from CES 2010 last month, the Android-based Tegra 2 tablet beat Apple's iPad to the slate hype and promises 1080p HD video and of course the power-sipping Pixel Qi display.  Now, Notion Ink are planning an App Competition, with over $1m in the prize fund, to push development of Adam-compatible software.  Meanwhile they've also confirmed that the tablet will run Flash; in fact they'll be demonstrating that in Barcelona next week. As for the iPad, well, Notion Ink reckon they've got a significant battery advantage over the Apple tablet; in fact they reckon - even without the Pixel Qi panel - they could last 2-3x as long as the iPad can on a single charge.  You can read all the details over at SlashGear. Notion Ink Adam hands-on demo: [vms 3dc27118a0f19a198571]

Bsquare Android Flash plugin announced

If Bsquare have their way, it won't just be the HTC Hero that gets Flash playback capabilities: all Android devices will.  The company has announced its Flash browser plugin for ARM-based Android devices, such as the HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1, running Cupcake 1.5. Bsquare had announced back in March that they were working on a Flash plugin with an unnamed "tier one" carrier.  This latest news seems to suggest that their attempts at porting Flash have been successful; however, there's no sign of general availability for the plugin, with Bsquare seemingly targeting OEMs:
"Our Flash Platform technology browser plug-in will be valuable to OEMs building ARM-based smartbooks and to those who are developing other types of Android devices requiring a rich media experience that is fundamentally different than anything else available for users today" Larry Stapleton, VP global sales, Bsquare
Of course, the nature of the Android platform means that what arrives on one device soon gets ported to everything else, so even without an official release it's likely we'll see Flash on existing Android devices.  No word on when Bsquare might release the plugin. [via jkOnTheRun]

Adobe Flash technology hitting Android soon?

After Andy Rubin demonstrated Flash working on the T-Mobile G1 last November, the assumption has been that the technology would arrive on Android sooner rather than later.  Five months on, and there's still no sign from Adobe; however, embedded devices company Bsquare are claiming to be working with "a global, tier-one carrier" to bring Flash technology to the Android platform. Bsquare has apparently already ported the Flash Player to over 100 embedded devices.  However this time around the company is porting "Flash technology" not the player itself, to Android.  It's unclear exactly what this means for end-user functionality, and Bsquare are keeping quiet on the details. Right now there are more questions than answers, and with no timescale, software details or even a hint of which carrier the company is working with (though the obvious guess would be T-Mobile) it's hard to get excited.  Bsquare are an authorized distributor of the Adobe Flash Player and SDK, though, so we'd rate this a couple of notches above vaporware at least.

Android Community Week in Review – Week 47 2008

This week Pixelpipe was introduced into the world providing all G1 owners the ability to better get photos off of you handset and onto the Internet. Publish photos to your favorite social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook. Brad Fitzpatric has managed to give the G1 a nice little feature that allows users to use their handset as a garage door opener. Fantastic news for all of us Android fans, Andy Rubin demoed Flash on a G1 handset at Adobe’s MAX event. This is definitely good to see as the iPhone still has yet to make it that far. Another company in China is making yet another claim that they will have an Android-powered handset. At first we didn’t know if Sciphone’s “Dream G2” was a joke or if they were really serious. Apparently they will have an odd-looking touchscreen handset by the end of November, they better get cracking! There have been more reports that the G1 is capable of multi-touch. Apparently the screen itself works just fine with multi-touch. A user by the name of RyeBrye has managed to discover the Synaptics touchscreen has some code that has intentionally been left out. Once he recompiled the kernel with the code put back in he was able to track two separate finger presses at one time. If G1 owners are already getting sick of the available games in the Android Market then Phoload is here to save the day. Pholad is now adding support for Google’s Android platform, bringing even more free games to the table. Earlier this week we reported a rumor that NTT DoCoMo along with South Korea’s KT Freetel were working together on an Android-powered handset for release in China. Almost immediately KT Fretel came fourth denying any work with NTT DoCoMo on an Android. Soon after those reports came in NTT DoCoMo came clean as well stating that they are indeed working on an Android-powered handset, just not with KT Fretel. Reports also came in stating that the recent shipments of T-Mobile G1 handsets are coming in with the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack with microphone. No more purchasing adapters in order to use your favorite headphones to listen to music. We also received work that the beta version of Android for Openmoko’s FreeRunner will be available the first week of December. Openmoko has wasted no time in delivering this to their customers. TouchDown is bringing yet more Exchange support to Android users. TouchDown keeps Google’s information separate from your Exchange info while only providing users with a great way to fetch their information, but also allows users to check for new email and events periodically. Can it be, another country getting the G1? Yes, the Philippines are going to be the next to get the G1, because the demand seems high enough. It’s about time that the US sees the white G1. Many people have speculated as to why we have not yet been able to purchase the white G1, but users in the UK have. Whatever the case it does not matter, those who have waited do not have to wait any longer.

Andy Ruben demos Flash on the G1; it won’t be long now

This morning  at Adobe’s MAX event, Andy Rubin made an appearance and had a chance to show a brief demo. Do we even have to say what it was he was doing there? Here is a hint, he was doing a demo with the beloved T-Mobile G1. Andy Ruben has officially shown that Flash can run on Android. It is one thing to talk about it coming to a device, hint hint Apple, but when a device is released and shortly after is shown running Flash, it speaks volumes. Not only is it possible, but Android will be running Flash soon enough. Ruben did not say when we will see it happen or in which way it will be delivered, but actually showing the demo live must mean we will be getting it fairly soon. What an amazing gift it would be from Google to wake up Christmas morning with Flash running on our G1. Adobe has already said that the iPhone will have flash as soon as they allow it. This is just one more way that Android and the G1 are outdoing Apple and the iPhone. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghIGj9r3_vc[/youtube] [Via Adobe]

Android Community Week in Review – Week 42 2008

What a week it has been for Android Community. We started off with a story about T-Mobile selling 1.5 million G1 handsets already in pre-orders. T-Mobile has refused to comment on these numbers, suggesting that they are far too high. Logically, if the actual numbers were the same as reported or higher, T-Mobile more than likely would have happily taken the credit. We also got the chance to put out the first ever exclusive Android Community hands-on G1 review!

We were really excited to be able to completely go through and test the G1 this past week. We found the G1 was very small and sturdy in your hands. The user interface was amazingly responsive and easy to navigate. Applications such as TuneWiki and ShopSavvy (formally known as GoCart) still have me in awe. However not everything about the G1 was something to celebrate. The battery dies extremely quickly, we have been led to believe that it is the lack of a way to end background processes such as applications. We have found that GPS does not work in all cities. We were able to quickly find our location in Scottsdale AZ, however the G1 was not able to locate positions in Manhattan NY. We are not sure if it is a firmware issue or network issue. Google has a killswitch in their operating system that can disable applications remotely "just in case". Unlike Apple with the iPhone, Google was very upfront with letting the public know about it. Motorola hinted that the new 350-member Android team is working on a social networking based Android-powered handset. Information about this handset came from an ad placed for a position on their Android development team. Microsoft may one day bring their Flash-equivalent to Android with their Silverlight program. This would be a large advantage for the Android platform over the iPhone which currently does not have Flash. Handango will be the first to bring both free and paid applications to the Android Market. This is good news for new G1 owners who are looking for popular applications such as Garmin turn-by-turn directions. Many mobile gamers will be happy to know that games such as Spore may be on their way to the T-Mobile G1 very soon. Not many people use Gmail to synchronize their contacts, the vast majority of people use Microsoft Exchange to manage their address books. Out of the box the G1 does not support Exchange synchronization, but it didn't take long for Wrike to create an application that will sync your Exchange contacts to your phone. Currently it only supports one way synchronization, but they promise to soon have two-way functionality. Here at Android Community we have had a lot going on, our community member Designdawg has created what now is our site banner. We were so impressed that we even made a few limited-edition shirts using the design. We are just about to wrap up our Golla G1 case giveaway. We have had 11 winners so far, the last contest winner will be announced on October 22nd, the day the G1 is set to launch. We also held the official Android Community G1 launch party in Texas, hopefully a real treat for our members; the lucky few close enough to take part got to meet the people behind Android Community and some walked away with some really nice prizes. Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

Microsoft may bring Silverlight to Android

Microsoft’s Internet application browser plugin, Silverlight, may soon be coming to Android-powered handsets. Silverlight is the direct competitor of Adobe’s Flash. Seeing Silverlight or Flash on the next Android would really hurt Apple because the iPhone 3G currently has neither.

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie told TechRadar.com “[The] Google phone is slightly different [from the iPhone]. It’s more of an open platform, that is something we’re going to continue to look at. Certainly as it’s gotten deployed and if sales are good we’ll definitely keep our eyes out and look at that in the future.” For reasons still unknown Apple made a potentially bad decision to keep Adobe’s Flash plugin as well as Microsoft’s Silverlight off of the iPhone. Many iPhone owners cannot look beyond the fact that, despite how advanced the phone is, it still lacks Flash support. If Android-powered handsets see Silverlight or flash before the iPhone, it could possibly hurt iPhone sales in the future. [Via TechRadar]
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