Samsung Galaxy S III Local Search fix offered by XDA Developers

Local Search, as many of you may have already discovered, has come up missing from Galaxy S III devices. It isn't hard to imagine why, considering that many draw comparisons between Local Search and Siri and Samsung has already been through enough legal tussles with Apple to last a lifetime. Sadly, it seems like Local Search isn't coming back anytime soon, but there is a way to fix it, provided you aren't against rooting your S III and doing a little work under the hood.

Nexus 7 suffering from screen defects and separation

The brand new Nexus 7 tablet from Google and ASUS is a mighty fine tablet. Especially considering it only runs users $199 for such an awesome device. We love ours and you can see for yourself in our full review. Sadly it appears that like many products, a few users are having defects from manufacturing. We are hearing multiple reports that the Nexus 7 screen is separating from the body, or lifting up causing it to creak a little.

ASUS redesigns Transformer Prime, touts 1920×1200 display and new chassis

Well folks, this is both good and bad news. It appears ASUS has just announced a brand new beautiful model of the ASUS Transformer Prime only this time around the specs have been improved in a few key areas. The new model, being called the TF700T, will be touting the same IPS display only instead of 1280x800 they've boosted the resolution to 1920x1200 and made a few other small changes as well.

NOOK Tablet update killed root and side-loading apps — here’s a fix

One of the biggest reasons many Android fans bought the NOOK Tablet aside from the great hardware and eReader capabilities is the fact that we can side-load apps, root, and install 3rd party ROM's -- not to mention eventually stable Ice Cream Sandwich builds. An update that started rolling out yesterday has killed root access, and we no longer have the easy option to side-load Android apps without some serious modification and hacking. Don't worry our fellow readers, we have a fix.

Broken Android Device Screen? Watch This Repair Video of the Breaking and the Fixing of a ThunderBolt

So you've got this device that cost you something like $600 or $700 dollars because you purchased it off contract. You love it so much that you're just running around fist pumping one day when OH NO, you drop it. This is terrifying enough, but you realize the worst has happened - the display is broken! Don't worry, you can fix it! Let's speak with the good folks at DirectFix and see what they've got to say, shall we? It's time for a bit of the ol' breaking of and reparing of the ThunderBolt, ho!

G2 Loose Hinge Officially Corrected

Remember way back at the beginning of time when the G2 came out on T-Mobile and everyone was all mad because the hinge was loose? We reviewed the G2 it basically right after those reports came out and the problem seemed to be fixed, if not OVERLY fixed with a super tight fitting hinge that seemed like it'd never get loose again. Now there's official word that indeed, T-Mobile did work out the problem, a T-Mobile rep telling XDA user hyunnnnny they'd even gone so far as to replace older versions with working ones.

Flash Vulnerability Uncovered, Fix coming November 9th

We all know Adobe’s flash is not perfect. Being an extremely mainstream and popular platform it’s always the target of the latest exploit. They are usually quick with their updates but still in the downtime many get infected. Now there has been another vulnerability exploited that not only affects mobile devices, but also the desktop versions as well.

Android Community Week In Review – Week 38 2010

This week was clearly the week of updates for Android devices across all carriers and manufacturers. The Droid X got the much anticipated, although a bit buggy, Froyo 2.2 Upgrade, while other manufacturers were pushing out general updates for their devices. Google’s CEO commented on requiring device makers to have a fresh, non-customized option of Android ready to download if the end-user so chooses. And finally the T-Mobile G2 made was available for pre-order.