RunKeeper 3.0 for Android released in beta, we go hands-on

RunKeeper for Android is still sitting at version in Google Play, however those looking to see the 3.0 release can now do so. The RunKeeper team has recently released v3.0 in beta form and made it available for anyone that wants to check it out. The beta release can be found by way of the RunKeeeper Blog, but keep in mind -- you will need to sideload the apk file. That small detail out of the way, lets get into what has been changed.

Basis fitness tracker Android app announced

There is no shortage in terms of fitness apps and gadgets at this point. We have offerings from Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike and countless others including Basis. And speaking of Basis, we first saw the Basis fitness tracker during CES 2012, yes 2012. Though, while originally shown off in January 2012, the Basis fitness band didn't come available until the end of November 2012.

GymPact launches for Android just in time to help with those resolutions

Coming as what would seem perfect timing for all of those who vowed to get back into the gym this year, the GymPact app is now available in the Google Play Store. The app free to download and aimed at those who need some extra encouragement in getting to the gym and also those who like to be rewarded for following though on their commitment.

Nike+ Running app finally released for Android

We have good news for all you Android gym buffs or users that love a good workout. Today Nike has finally released their somewhat popular Nike+ app for Android called Nike+ Running. This exercise and workout monitoring and tracking app has finally been expanded to the world of Android and is loaded full of features -- it's about time.

FitBit app keeps Android users on the run

The FitBit is the fitness darling of the high-tech set, essentially an advanced pedometer that keeps track of your physical activity throughout the day and reports back to an online service. Naturally you can't launch a hip new hardware-software combo without creating an iOS app, despite the fact that there are hundreds of millions more Android smartphone users. Now that small oversight is taken care of, as FitBit has released an app to the Google Play Store that brings all the features of its iOS counterpart. It only took them five months.

MOTO ACTV update brings stopwatch, new clock faces, and 8 hours battery life

For those that remember or own the MOTO ACTV we have an exciting update to tell you about today. Motorola is all set to soon release their latest update for the do-it-all fitness Android device and we have all the details. The video below courtesy of Motorola might be a bit boring but shares plenty about this exciting new update and more.

Wahoo Fitness offers new ANT+ API for Android

Wahoo Fitness has been making some interesting accessories for the iPhone for a while now that allows the iPhone to interface with ANT+ fitness sensors to track a person's vital stats during a workout. The company has announced that it has unveiled a new API that allows Android devices to work with ANT+ accessories.
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