RunKeeper for Android update brings more interactive friends tab

RunKeeper for Android v3.7 arrived in beta form earlier in the week and as of today, that update is now ready for primetime. Simply put, RunKeeper v3.7 has landed in the Play Store. The changelog isn't particularity long for this update, however it does bring a new and improved Friends tab. Basically, the folks at RunKeeper have made the Friends tab more interactive.

Adidas’ new miCoach X_Cell spotted at FCC

Adidas has been quite silent lately in the field of exercise tracking devices and software, with some of the spotlight focused on other fitness brands like Fitbit. It seems that Adidas isn't ready to let its competitors get the last laugh as a new miCoach device was seen heading to the FCC in preparation for a release very soon.

SelfLoops accessory brings ANT+ support with 2000 mAh of battery power

SelfLoops has announced a new accessory that brings ANT+ support to just about any Android device. This little goodie is called the SelfLoops ANT+ Accessory and it arrives with support for devices running Android 2.3.4 or later. And in addition, this is also packing a 2000 mAh battery and promises support for any app that is using the official ANT Alliance API.

Basis fitness tracker app arrives for Android users

The Basis fitness tracker app was originally announced back in January. At that time the app was expected to arrive in March and while that time has since come and go, some good news has arrived for Android users. The 'Basis Fitness & Sleep Tracker' app has arrived in the Google Play Store. And as a bit of a silver lining for those who still like to complete with iOS users, this is a case where the Android app has arrived first.

Noom Walk Pedometer app launches for Android

Noom Inc has released their latest Android app. This one is called Noom Walk Pedometer and as the name would imply, this app will be counting the steps you take throughout your day. And nicely done, the Noom Walk Pedometer app will be able to do the step counting without the need for any additional hardware. Basically, it looks like there is now an app for those who are intrigued by other hardware pedometers such as the Fitbit.

Misfit Shine Android support pushed till “early next year”

There are plenty of available activity trackers at this point in time. Aside from the currently available options, there is another still in development. This other is called the Misfit Shine and while Android support was promised, it looks like that has since been delayed. The disappointing part about the Android app support is how the Misfit Shine is launching. For those not as familiar with this item, it had launched as an indiegogo offering.

Runtastic mobile apps paired with new hardware

The team behind the Runstastic mobile apps have introduced a new line of hardware goodies. The new items include a heart rate monitor and some cycling hardware and these will both sync up with the Runstastic apps. In addition to the hardware, the Runstastic team has also shared a little bit in terms of app downloads and users.

FitScales app combines Android with Wii Fit Balance Board

For a few years, the Nintendo Wii game console was incredibly popular selling out all across the nation. The same thing happened with one of the accessories for the Nintendo Wii game console, the Wii Fit Balance Board. Today, the popularity of the Nintendo Wii has reduced significantly meaning that all around the country there are a bunch of Wii Fit Balance Boards going unused.
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