Misfit Shine Android support pushed till “early next year”

There are plenty of available activity trackers at this point in time. Aside from the currently available options, there is another still in development. This other is called the Misfit Shine and while Android support was promised, it looks like that has since been delayed. The disappointing part about the Android app support is how the Misfit Shine is launching. For those not as familiar with this item, it had launched as an indiegogo offering.

Runtastic mobile apps paired with new hardware

The team behind the Runstastic mobile apps have introduced a new line of hardware goodies. The new items include a heart rate monitor and some cycling hardware and these will both sync up with the Runstastic apps. In addition to the hardware, the Runstastic team has also shared a little bit in terms of app downloads and users.

FitScales app combines Android with Wii Fit Balance Board

For a few years, the Nintendo Wii game console was incredibly popular selling out all across the nation. The same thing happened with one of the accessories for the Nintendo Wii game console, the Wii Fit Balance Board. Today, the popularity of the Nintendo Wii has reduced significantly meaning that all around the country there are a bunch of Wii Fit Balance Boards going unused.

Reebok Fitness launches for Android, we go hands-on

Reebok has become the latest to launch a fitness related app for Android users. The app is simply called Reebok Fitness and it will allow the user to build their own programs. Well, build their own programs with some guidance. This setup begins with you choosing the length (ranging from 6 to 12 weeks) and picking a few categories. By doing this, the Reebok Fitness app should help to keep your workout routine fresh and given some time, it should also help to improve your fitness level.

RunKeeper 3.1 update adds night-mode and additional audio cues [Hands-On]

Coming fairly quickly after the 3.0 update, RunKeeper for Android has once again been updated. This latest arrives as version 3.1 and with the new number comes a few new features. The new features include a night-mode, access to Google Play Music from within the app, additional audio cues and improvements in terms of sharing. As someone that has been running at odd hours lately, lets begin with the night-mode.

Fitbit update brings wireless sync to select Android smartphones [Hands-On]

Fitbit announced details about wireless sync on Android back in January and since then -- we have been anxiously waiting for the update to arrive. Simply put, the latest Fitbit for Android app update has added just that. The wireless syncing is noted as being in beta and only available for select devices. The supported device list includes the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II.

RunKeeper 3.0 for Android released in beta, we go hands-on

RunKeeper for Android is still sitting at version in Google Play, however those looking to see the 3.0 release can now do so. The RunKeeper team has recently released v3.0 in beta form and made it available for anyone that wants to check it out. The beta release can be found by way of the RunKeeeper Blog, but keep in mind -- you will need to sideload the apk file. That small detail out of the way, lets get into what has been changed.
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