Zero launching to bring smarter, more social fitness wearable

The fitness category has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to tracking your activity. There are wearables such as Fitbit and apps such as Moves. While these each have their own spin and as a result, their own positives and negatives, it seems this is still a growing category. To that point, it looks like a new entry has arrived in the form of Zero.

P90X fitness app arrives to motivate Android users

The P90X workout isn't anything new. In fact, they seem to have bumped the routine up to P90X3. But what is new though, the Android app. The release of the app should add a bit of convenience for those who have already been doing the program, but it should also be good for those who were waiting for the app before they purchase the workout program itself.

Misfit Shine activity tracker Android app released

We weren't expecting the Misfit Shine companion app to arrive in the Play Store until sometime in 2014. While "early next year" was a previous timeline, the app seems to have arrived a bit ahead of schedule. The good news is that Android users with a Shine activity tracker will be able to start using the app as of today. But as we often seen with these types of apps, the device support is pretty limited.

Fitbit prepping beta release for Nexus users

Fitbit has had an Android app available for a while now, but as we often see, the device support is rather limited. Officially speaking, the Fitbit Android app uses Bluetooth 4.0 with the LE (Low Energy) feature. For now that support is limited to a handful of Samsung devices, but it looks like some Nexus devices are getting ready to enter a beta testing period.

Runtastic Story Running and Libra fitness scale unveiled

Runtastic has returned with another set of app updates. This latest touches on the free and pro (paid) versions of the regular Runtastic app and is arriving as something called Story Running. We are seeing this touted as being both just for you and as a new way to run. More to the point, Story Running appears to be along the lines of audiobook listening.

Endomondo Sports Tracker app reaches 20 million users

Fitness-related apps on Android are almost a dime a dozen and competition is a bit fierce with many giant players in the field. That is why it is no small matter for Endomondo to reach a milestone of 20 million users of its Sports Tracker fitness app, just in time to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Nike+ FuelBand SE unveiled, will arrive without support for Android

Nike does have a few Android apps available, however that doesn't seem to be any indication that FuelBand support will ever arrive. In fact, the Nike+ FuelBand SE was announced earlier this morning and while it will have a companion app available, said app will only be found in the iOS App Store. Basically, Nike has once again looked past Android for their fitness bracelet.
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