Withings now integrated with Sony Lifelog lifestyle tracking app

No one fitness wearable or app can live alone. More often than not, these various apps, programs, and even devices will have to work together in order to give the consumer the best information they need and to meet their needs wherever they are. Sony said during the CES earlier this year that they wanted to build a more evolved wearable portfolio, and that means going into business with third-party partners. Now they’ve launched their first partner card with Withings.

Speedo Shine lets swimmers, well, swim and shine with new wearable

There are a lot of wearables in the market that measure our fitness activities, but usually, they are all-in-ones. Rare is the product that focuses on just one fitness aspect, while also being flexible enough to include the others. Speedo Shine is one such gem, and it puts the spotlight this time on swimmers, as the wearable is “the world’s first activity, swim, and sleep tracker” that was designed specifically for those training or just exercising though water activities.

Epson Runsense SF-110 tracks your outdoor fitness activities

Some of the current wearables in the market can be a bit confusing, as they serve both as fitness trackers and notification centers for your connected smartphones. But then there are those whose functions are pretty clear and their priority is that of focusing on measuring your fitness activities. The new Epson Runsense SF-110 knows what it’s supposed to be and hopefully, will do it well.

Humblebrag your Runtastic scores in new Leaderboard feature

There are various reasons why people would want to post their workout or running scores in public. It may be just humble bragging (or outright bragging). It may be to motivate yourself or your friends who are also doing the same training. It may be to show off to friends who are also doing the same training but not doing as well as you. Or it may be to poke fun at yourself. Whatever your reason may be, if you’re using Runtastic, now it’s easier to do that.

Garmin’s new heart rate monitors for athletes: HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim

Smartwatches and other usual fitness wearables are great for tracking activities, showing notifications, counting your steps, etc. But for the more “serious” athletes who are into hard core training for a future event or something, they need something more. Garmin is introducing two new wearables that will specifically cater to swimmers and triathletes, the HRM-Swim and the HRM-Tri. They are the first underwater heart rate monitors that the company is offering.

Acer rolls out Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker in the US

Just in case you didn’t know, Acer has already leaped into the health and fitness tracking game with the Liquid Leap+. This fitness tracker is now available in the US, ready to help those fitness buffs and wannabes to up their game. There are several similar models available in the market but this one boasts of a wider range of fitness tracking functions and works with Android, as well as, Windows and iOS.

Start a running lifestyle with WalknRun fitness app

While fitness apps and devices have been a continuously growing industry, not all mobile users are keen on adapting a healthy lifestyle, for various reasons (probably because it's really hard). But you don't really have to start from doing no exercise to immediately hardcore working out. Even something as simple as walking or running for fitness isn't that easy, and you would need to do it, literally, one step at a time. An app called WalknRun can help you in this journey towards becoming a regular runner.

HidrateMe lets you know when it’s time to drink water

Ask any health or beauty specialist what is the best secret for keeping your skin clear or prolonging your life without any surgery and they would probably give you the same answer: drink lots of water. But a lot of times, especially during seasons when it isn't warm enough to always be thirsty, we forget to drink water. A new Kickstarter project will introduce HidrateMe, which is probably the smartest water bottle in the market right now.

Striiv Fusion is ready to keep tabs on you, awake or asleep [DEALS]

We've seen a wide variety of smartphones here at Android Community, but sometimes all that you really need is a no nonsense fitness band that can also tell you the time or that you have an important incoming call. If that is all you need, then Striiv Fusion might just be the right fit. With a simple but durable design, core functionality without unnecessary bloat, and, best of all, an affordable price tag, the Striiv Fusion Activity and Sleep Tracker might be the perfect training and health partner for you.
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