Verizon FiOS Mobile update takes live streaming outside the home

Verizon has rolled out the latest update for the FiOS Mobile app and users will now be able to stream live television from outside the home. Previous versions of the app allowed for live streaming, however it was limited to when connected to your home WiFi network. Of course, as we saw with the live streaming over WiFi, the channel selection is rather limited.

Verizon joins AT&T to offer free calling and texting to Japan

Verizon is doing a really great thing to help customers connect with loved ones in Japan.  Joining AT&T, Verizon will be suspending any charges for wireless and landline calls to the land of the rising sun from March 11 to April 20th. Calling card calls , text, and multimedia messages to friends and family will also be free during this period ((if long distance calling fees were charged, credits will be issued in a future bill statement).  And Verizon FIOS customers who are not subscribed, are now receiving TV Japan free until March 18th to keep up with all the news coming out of that stricken island nation.

Google TV Ads to be run by Verizon’s Fios

Verizon's Fios TV service is signed into an agreement with Google TV Ads that will feature video ads uploaded by advertisers wishing to work Google's self-serve tools. An additional 3.3 million homes will be blasted with ads through this deal, adding a big crate of eyes to that which Google TV Ads already reaches. Google and Verizon collaborated on another project dealing this time with with Net Neutrality just this past August.

Verizon Flex View for FiOS coming to Android

If you are a customer of Verizon that happens to be in a FiOS service area and use an Android smartphone a cool new app is coming for you. The new app is called Flex View and it allows FiOS users to view on demand programming wherever they might be.