Firefox for Android Tablets Unveiled

One of the most popular browsers by Mozilla is coming to Android Tablets. We already have Firefox for Android but it currently only officially supports phones. Today on the Mozilla blog they've announced what I've heard a few times being called "fennecomb". This is Firefox for Android honeycomb tablets folks.

Firefox 4 Beta for Android “really” is that much faster

Yesterday we told you about the Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android that was released to the Android Market yesterday morning. Mozilla claims they have not only made it more stable, and more efficient. They also mentioned two things that are a huge part of what browser I use on my Android Phone and that is speed, and size. With each beta release the browser has got a little faster, and the file size once installed has got a little smaller. When it was first released to beta it was slow and huge and not able to transfer to your SD card. Things have changed with the last few updates and Mozilla and Firefox are well on their way to having a great browser for mobile.

Get the Faster, more stable Firefox 4 Beta in the Android Market now

Get the latest and greatest Firefox 4 Beta for Android. Mozilla has been hard at work making the mobile version of their highly popular Firefox Browser ready for prime time on mobile phones. The latest beta 4 released yesterday has many changes and performance enhancements. This release was also primarily focused on continuing to improve stability and performance.

FireFox For Android Coming to the Android Market This Month

Firefox is one of the most popular user installable web browsers in the world, and the Firefox Mobile for Android is proving to be one of the most impressive browsers available for the platform. However, as many of you know, it's currently in beta and only available directly from Mozilla. This is about to change as Firefox Mobile is about to see a new beta release and it will be available in the Android Market this month.

Firefox 4.0 Beta available now

Last week we heard word of the official rebranding of Fennec 2.0 to Firefox 4.0 to stay current with it’s desktop counterpart. Well now it’s officially in beta for Android. Firefox is built on the same technology platform as the desktop browser and is optimized in many ways for mobile browsing.

Fennec 2.0 Android Firefox Browser becomes 4.0 to keep pace with Desktop browser

Fennec, the codename for the Firefox browser on Android devices has had it’s named changed from Fennec 2.0 to Fennec 4.0 to keep it more in line with the Desktop version of the browser. Currently in alpha, it is still being updated nightly and the “web rendering engines used in both browsers are the same.” Upon release, Fennec will be named “Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia N900.” The simple name change will prevent the potential confusion Mozilla marketing will face when people may be confused why the mobile version is only 2.x, but the desktop version is 4.x. [Via Mark Finkle's Blog]

Firefox Mobile arrives on Android

A new version of the Mozilla Firefox browser for Android has been released, under the company's "Fennec" codename.  As well as browsing, Mozilla have also whipped up a version of Weave to synchronize bookmarks, history, passwords and tabs between the desktop and mobile versions.

Early BETA Of Fennec Available Now (Firefox mobile)

Like beta testing? The long awaited fennec browser for Android is finally here (kind of). This app was complied for the Droid but don’t feel left out if you don’t have a Droid. It’s slow and buggy on whatever Android device you install it on. It is something to play with so the download link and a few videos are after the break.

Mozilla’s mobile browser Fennec won’t be coming to Android any time soon

Mozilla’s mobile browser, Fennec, is currently in the alpha testing stages. This Browser will no doubt be one of the leading mobile browsers out there. One question that has been running through everyone’s mind is, will it eventually come to Android? Fennec is said to be showing competitive JavaScript performance with Android and mobile Safari JavaScript, which also means in speed. There are also rumors that Fennec will eventually have voice control.  Finally the question we have all been asking for a while now, will Fennec ever be on the Android platform? Mozilla’s Jay Sullivan said it will not be on Android, at least not until Google accepts programs that are not written in Java for Android. Android does not support applications that run directly on the operating system itself without the need to be written in Java.  Sullivan says that Android is “interesting for us. We’ll have to see which direction Google goes with that.” We are a bit upset that there will be no Mobile version of Firefox on Android, at least in the foreseeable future. We want to know how you guys feel about it. Is Fennec that important to you? [Via ABCNews]