Feedly app updated with Google Now integration

Feedly has got a new version but it's not yet ready on the Google Play Store. It's currently on beta release but this one seems an exciting app update because of the Google Now integration. This means a Google Now card of Feedly will soon show on your phone's screen once you set a schedule for the app to push Feedly stories. As you know, more Google Now cards have been recently added and we can expect more Cards from other apps to follow.

Feedly shows off first implementation of Material Design

A lot of similar news-feed apps have already adapted to Google's Material Design visual guidelines, but the folks over at Feedly wanted to take their sweet time. They're now talking about the process they went through when coming up with their app's redesign, which has now started rolling out into the Android smartphones and tablets. With the guideline to make it "more emotional and immersive", they are now showing the digital world the app's first implementation of this ubiquitous (but very pretty) Material Design.

Paperboy News Reader: making sense of all the news on your feed

If you live in a country that has reasonable to great Internet connection and if you have a smartphone or tablet, chances are, you don't get your news from an actual newspaper or even from the TV set anymore. Digital news readers are the item du jour, at least when it comes to people who want to keep abreast of all that is happening in the digital and real world.

Corgi for Feedly brings you news you want to actually read

If you've missed having a dog deliver your newspaper (of if you've always wanted to experience that), you can have the 21st century digital edition of that piece of American suburban life. Corgi for Feedly brings you the news that actually matters to you in a manner that doesn't have too many frills and bells. It's just a straightforward news reader to help you sort through or make sense of all the gazillion news items or articles that you come across each day.

Palabre: RSS reader with Material design, customizable options

With all the websites that you monitor, the social media accounts that you follow and the articles that come across your feed, sometimes, it's just hard to keep up with all of them. That's why you have your RSS readers and news aggregator apps to help you make sense of all of these. A new kid on the block called Palabre is now available for your devices, and its Material Design and features makes it a must have for Android users.

Feedly offers preview of upcoming Material Design update

If you are a user of Feedly and have wondered when the app would be updated with material design, the update is in the works. Feedly developers are showing off the upcoming material design update and while it looks very similar to the original design, it uses Google's newest design language.

New version of Feedly for Android released

Feedly is one of the Top 5 News Readers for Android.  And just recently, its developer has pushed out a new version for Android. It's still the same reliable reader app but has been enhanced to support higher resolution images. The app now features new settings theme that follows Material Design--the Holo Light and Material Light. Feedly URL shortening has retired and a new Twitter sharing has be introduced. As with most app updates, the new Feedly promises fewer freezes and crashes.

Stop the presses! Top 5 news readers for Android

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, we live in a world where we get an almost never-ending flow of news available at our fingertips. So much so that now our problem is how to best handle that flood of information rushing towards us. News readers have become not just our source but also our filter and our shield, not just letting us choose the news and topics that we do want while keeping others at bay, they also give a bit of a visual flair to those bits of information, making the reading experience more pleasurable and engaging. Here are our top 5 picks for news readers on Android.