AT&T takes issue with SoftBank’s Sprint buyout

SoftBank's intention of purchasing a 70% stake in Sprint is one of the month's bigger news stories (at least so far), so it's no wonder that today we're seeing other carriers coming out and stating some issues they have with the proposed acquisition. One of these carriers is AT&T, which is warning FCC regulators today to closely examine this buyout and its potential consequences. Specifically, AT&T seems concerned over the fact that SoftBank acquiring Sprint means that SoftBank will also take control of Clearwire, giving it a large amount of wireless spectrum.

FCC allows AT&T access to unused airwaves for LTE

Today the FCC has just dropped some good news down on the folks at AT&T. We've seen countless spectrum and airwave transfers and purchases as of late, and now AT&T is getting in on even more action after they've been shopping for extra. Earlier this year the FCC allowed them to transfer some spectrum to T-Mobile after the failed merger, and now some unused broadband airwaves are going to get put to use.

AT&T set to buy up spectrum with NextWave acquisition

Today AT&T announced plans to buy up NextWave Wireless, and though it may seem like an odd purchase at first, there's a good reason for it. NextWave has the rights to use Wireless Communication Services (WCS) and Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) spectrum, and it seems that AT&T is specifically interested in WCS spectrum to give its 4G LTE service a boost. Of course, there are a few roadblocks that AT&T has to get past before it can do such a thing, considering that the FCC hasn't cleared WCS for mobile Internet yet.

Verizon faces $1.25m fine for blocking third-party tethering apps

Verizon is being forced by the FCC to pay a fine for apparently blocking their users from accessing third-party tethering apps. As is the case with most of these FCC fines, the $1.25 million settlement amount is chump change to a company as huge as Verizon, but it's more about the message the FCC sends to companies than it is about the money. Verizon will also be forced to train its employees on proper C Block procedure, which it is accused of breaking by blocking third-party tethering apps.

Google Project Glass to see rapid increase in testing

Google's been busy testing out some neat new gadgets that we all should know by know called Project Glass. These augmented reality type glasses allow users to do all sorts of fun things. This week it's been tipped directly from the FCC that not only is Google severely ramping up their testing, but they could be trying to get at least one version of Google Glass to pass the FCC by August of this year, not 2013.

Verizon Galaxy S III stops by the FCC

If there's any doubt left that Samsung's new flagship will make it to every member of the Big Four American wireless carriers, let it end here. In addition to entries for the AT&T and T-Mobile models, Verizon's Galaxy S III has made it to the well-trodden halls of the FCC, complete with the predictable CDMA and LTE bands. PocketNow spotted the highly anticipated device in the FCC's standard filings.