Next LG smartwatch visits the FCC

The LG Watch Urbane is a thing of beauty. It's not the first round smartwatch from LG. There's also the LG G Watch R which was revealed ahead of IFA last year. The Watch Urbane was the first to run the latest Android Wear and was soon made available in the country last April. We haven't heard of a follow-up until today when an LG Watch has been spotted at the FCC grounds. This could mean a new wearable from the South Korean tech company will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2015.

New Motorola phone visits the FCC

Dropping by the FCC recently is something that’s believed to be a new Motorola DROID Turbo phone. This could also be the Verizon DROID Kinzie spotted on GFXBench last week and not the Moto G (2015) that is also rumored to be unveiled soon. Based on the FCC document, this mystery device supports several LTE band, carrier aggregation, 802.11ac MIMO WiFi, and is compatible with Motorola’s very own Turbo Charger. The display is also said to be bigger at 5.5-inch QHD resolution.

Smartphone theft down by 32%, CA Kill Switch Law in effect

The FCC has already challenged mobile carriers to turn on "kill switch" by default. We've heard several discussions as well including US Senators backing the “kill switch” proposal and actually being passed in the Senate. Some companies tried to bring such feature to phones like what McAfee did on the LG G3. Google officially brought a new kill switch feature to smartphones as part of Android Lollipop late last year.

FCC challenges carriers to turn “kill switch” by default

The Federal Communication Commission, through its Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group, has come up with recommendations to maximize the on-device theft prevention features of smartphones. The major thing that they are strongly suggestion to all carriers is that they turn on by default the "kill switch" on smartphones that they carry so that it will be a sure deterrent from thieves trying to get their hands on smartphones since they will be practically useless once the remote-data-swiping feature has been activated.

Huawei P8 variant visits the FCC, possible US launch

Huawei has finally unveiled the P8. It even came with its bigger sibling called the P8max. The Huawei P8 was semi-confirmed a couple of weeks ago as photos and pics were sighted at TENAA. You know what a TENAA notification usually means-- phone is almost ready in China. Yes, the new Huawei P8 has arrived and it might be ready for US too since a Huawei P8 look-alike was just approved by the FCC.

Mystery Sony phone clears the FCC, could be the Xperia Z4

No doubt the Xperia Z4 will be Sony's next flagship Android phone. The company skipped the Mobile World Congress last month but we saw the Xperia M4 Aqua midrange phone and the Xperia Z4 Tablet. Despite all the hype, leaked specs, front panel leaks from a Chinese source, a Geekbench apperance, the front housing and more renders being leaked, and the very recent GFXBench sighting, we have yet to see the light of the Xperia Z4.

Will LG be releasing a phablet soon? FCC docs say so

The LG G4 is shaping up to be one of the most awaited smartphones after images of the non-final renders began leaking online. But it looks like the OEM will not be satisfied with just launching one, as a new gadget appeared at the FCC this week. We don't know much about it based on the documents, but speculation is that it will be a phablet to be launched alongside their upcoming new flagship.
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