Fantasy Football

Samsung footie app “Kicks” its way to fans’ digital hearts

Now that most of the domestic leagues have started after a few months’ rest from the World Cup, diehard football fans with gadgets are once again relying on various sites and apps to keep abreast of all the action and movement of their favourite players and teams. Samsung’s research shows that the average football fan engages more on online content than actually watching live games. So they came up with an app called Kick that aims to bring all the latest information and statistics in an engaging and visual manner.

Bleacher Report update adds full Fantasy Football team news and more

The NFL season is almost here, and we're finally able to enjoy countless preseason games to hold us over. Whether you're a fan of the NFL, NBA, or even Major League Soccer you probably should be using Bleacher Report. It's one of the best apps on Android when it comes to getting the latest and greatest breaking news, reports, updates, and columns for sports. Fantasy Football app update finally makes it useful

The NBA playoffs are both a good thing, and a bad thing for people like myself. They keep me somewhat entertained while patiently waiting for the NFL season to return, but also remind me just how much better Football really is. These last few months as we wait for even pre-season to start seem to take forever, and while we're waiting the folks from are getting ready for the 2013 NFL season.

ESPN Fantasy Football updated for 2013 – Get ready for the draft

For all those NFL and Fantasy Football fans out there, we have good news from ESPN today. They've beat the rest and are ahead of the curve by already updating their Fantasy Football app for the 2013 NFL season. For all you NFL fans out there like myself stuck watching NBA playoff games and the media's endless and exhausting coverage of the Lakers, get ready for the draft!

ESPN Fantasy Football app ready for 2012

Football season is officially here, and ESPN was quick to the draw and have already updated their popular app for all those preparing for the NFL Fantasy season. I've watched Soccer, Olympics and more, but I'm so ready for NFL to start. With pre-season here ESPN has just updated their Fantasy app.

Super Bowl XLVI will broadcast live to Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

Welcome to the future, folks. We don't have hoverboards, flying cards or instant pizza, but we can watch live sports on pocketable devices. And come February, we'll be able to watch the biggest game of them all - assuming that the "we" in question uses Verizon and subscribes to their exclusive NFL Mobile service. It will be the first time that the Super Bowl will be officially streamed to mobile devices, a miracle of licensing negotiation as much as a technical achievement.

ESPN Fantasy Football App for Android Now Available

Just in time for the NFL season to get started ESPN has released their Fantasy Football 2011 App for Android. This is the perfect app for fantasy owners allowing you to manage your team on-the-go wherever you are. Recently the official NFL app was released and now just a few days later ESPN launches their own. I'll be sure to give them both a try over the next few days and let you all know what app I like best. I have fantasy teams on both sites so I'll be using them both all season most likely.