Falcon Pro

New Falcon Pro 3 released, app rebuilt from the ground up

The Falcon Pro app for Android had been controversial a few years back. The Falcon Twitter client was removed from the Play Store but an update was still released outside the app store bringing offline improvements. The Falcon Pro V2 was first released as a public beta but when it was pulled from the Play Store, we didn't hear about it again until today. Yes, a new Falcon is back and it's not just an updated Falcon Pro 2. It's actually a new app built from the ground up.

Flyne, an offline reader app arrives with Feedly and Twitter integration

It looks like Android users have another news reader application to consider. This latest to arrive is called Flyne, The Offline Reader. The app touts itself as being a "fast, fresh and simple way to stay up to date with your favorite news sources." Flyne takes advantage of Twitter lists and Feedly categories, but some may be happy to learn the name of the developer behind the app.

Falcon Pro v2.0.4 update arrives outside the Play Store

Falcon Pro has been one of the more popular Twitter apps. While that statement by itself sounds like something to be happy about, there is another side that brings some issues not only for the developer but for those trying to continue using the app. That issue deals with tokens and the fact that Twitter has a 100,000 limit available for third-party apps.

Hootie for Twitter: Hands-on with an app for the minimalist

It's time to take a quick look at a recently released Twitter app and client on Android called Hootie. It has been available for a short while, and was making the rounds over on Reddit. The developer put a lot of effort into offering a beautiful and simple design, but it's lacking in features. With all the talk about Falcon Pro and others having issues, we figured it was time to check out another option.

Falcon Pro Twitter client removed from the Play Store

If you're like us, then you probably use Twitter quite often to follow @Androids and keep up with the latest smartphone news and rumors. One of the most popular Twitter apps for Android, Falcon Pro, has been a hot topic lately because they keep running out of token limits and are having to deny users access to their app. And now, as of this morning it's no longer available on the Play Store.

Falcon Pro Twitter client gets fancy new logo – resets token access again

The fancy app and Twitter client Falcon Pro, which is still arguably one of the best and most popular Twitter apps for Android has received a nice new update. However, it is causing a few issues for many while also resetting the log-in and making users start all over. Twitter imposes a ridiculous 100,000 user limit for 3rd party apps, and as a result this app has already reached the limit multiple times. The developer has freed up a few unused tokens, but read on below for more details.

Falcon Pro v2.0 enters the Play Store as a public beta

Falcon Pro offered a bit of a teaser for the 2.0 update earlier this morning and it looks like you can now download that update. The one catch here, Falcon Pro 2.0 is still available in beta form. Assuming you don't mind playing with a beta release, this is open and available for those wanting to check things out. The Falcon Pro beta is being handled through the Play Store and requires nothing more than a few clicks and a minute or so to update the app on your device.

Falcon Pro v2.0 update teased ahead of release

The Falcon Pro Twitter account was updated to version 1.9 back in early May. That particular update brought some new customization options and some new features and was followed up with a smaller bug fixing update later in May. And well, coming back to the present day and it looks like we are getting closer to seeing the Falcon Pro v2.0 update. The developer has yet to reveal a release date, however he has begun to do some teasing.
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