Galaxy S III rumors run wild – reports claim announcement coming Thursday

Here is another announcement we can surely throw in the rumor bin almost instantly. While the Samsung Galaxy S III has been a hot topic as of late, with plenty of rumors and leaks, we are now hearing some more chatter that Samsung might unveil it during their annual Samsung Africa Forum show at the end of this week after all. Possibly on Thursday or Friday. Do notice this is the same March 22nd event we've heard will NOT be the big unveiling.

Samsung Galaxy S III press image leaks again – looks fake

The Samsung Galaxy S III is coming. Yay! I'm just as excited about this phone as the next Android enthusiast but that is about where it ends. Until we get any official details or leaks all these fake renders are just pointless. Most likely the next Galaxy S III will look something similar to what we see below, but after a quick closer look you can obviously spot the faults of this Photoshop job.

New Samsung Mobile World Congress press photo is almost certainly fake

There's a rumored press photo for a shiny new Samsung smartphone making the rounds this morning. We caught a glimpse of it on Eldar Murtazin's Twitter page, where the poster claims that it's a leaked press photo for a new device set to launch at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona. Based on the software displayed and the Ice Cream Sandwich-style buttons (which are still capacitive) it looks like Samsung's first ICS phone following the Galaxy Nexus. But something's rotten in Denmark, dear readers: to be blunt, this looks like an absolute fake.

JXD tablet S7100 just begs for an Apple, Sony and Microsoft lawsuit all at once

There's a lot of litigation flying through the air over various Android devices, but if Hong Kong-based manufacturer JXD comes anywhere near the US, there'll be a lot more. Its latest device manages to ape the iPhone and PSP, and manages to infringe on intellectual property from Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft and probably a few independent Android developers for good measure. The website for the JXD S7100 doesn't so much "think different" as "think people won't notice a hodgepodge of triple-A consumer electronics have been ripped off all at once".

I can’t believe it’s not PlayStation: Chinese Android PMP rips off the PSP

Android gaming is looking up, especially if you've been keeping up on Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion. But it's still pretty hard to find an Android device with a quality gaming-focused form factor, with the notable exception of the XPERIA Play. If you're comfortable with handing over money to a fly-by-night Chinese company with... "inspired" design choices, you may be able to get your hands on this here PlayStation Portable look-alike, filled to the brim with gaming goodies.

Galaxy S II gets an early Ice Cream Sandwich ROM – or not

Though there's no Android hardware that's officially running Ice Cream Sandwich until tomorrow at the very least, one industrious modder has jumped the gun and managed to wrangle the software onto his Samsung Galaxy S II. At least, that's what it looks  like. A video purporting to be Google's shiny new operating system hit YouTube last week showing off the new interface and apps expected to be seen at the Samsung/Google event in Hong Kong on Wednesday local time.

GooApple 3G Handset Melds Android OS with iPhone 4 Perfectly [Video]

Oh China, you so crazy. You've got infinite knockoffs of excellent devices, and most of the time, that is most of the time as in 99.999% of the time your knockoffs are terrible. But once in a great while there's a diamond in the rough. Here it is, how convenient! The folks at brand-name GooApple have created an iPhone 4 knockoff so real, you'll flip your lid. And what's this, it's running iOS 4 as well? Actually no, not at all. Inside you'll find all the Android you can handle, in a perfectly simulated iOS environment. Experience the Apple device with Android in it and Android printed on the back with an Apple inside him. It's the knockoff of everyone's dreams!

Nexus 3 was a Fake, Hearts Break

Well people the internet over were skeptical. I personally wanted it to be true, but it turns out that the supposed leaked image of the Nexus 3 was indeed a fake. As several people have noticed, there do appear to be signs on the image which would tend to indicate a photoshop job. The site responsible for the leak has apologized and explained that their source, whom they believed to be a Google employee, was in fact not. It was fun while it lasted, now we go back to awaiting the real Nexus 3.
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