Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly users, 945 million via mobile

Curious how many of us actually use Facebook? According to them, over 1 billion — monthly. In their Financial results for Q4 2013, Facebook noted user statistics in addition to financial statistics. Aside from the overall user metrics come some interesting facts about how we access the social site, specifically on mobile.

Facebook explains why they want access to your SMS

In a recent update, Facebook gained the ability to read your text messages. For a company that has a checkered past with regard to the privacy of information, it raised eyebrows. Was Facebook trying to pry deeper into your device to force ads upon you? The explanation from Facebook points to a really simple solution.

Facebook scans messages, uses info for targeted advertising, suit alleges

Facebook has been sued in a California court by two users, claiming the popular social media platform reads private messages for targeted advertising. The suit alleges that Facebook scans private messages, then uses the info gained to serve up ads that highlight interests. Such actions would violate the Electronics Communications Privacy Act and some California privacy and unfair competition laws, the suit argues.