WhatsApp CEO promises calling feature in Q2 2014, hints at carrier agreements

What are Facebook’s ambitions with their purchase of WhatsApp? If WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum’s comments today are correct, WhatsApp may just be your new communication platform. Not messaging, but communicating. At a talk during MWC this week, Koum said WhatsApp would have voice calling capabilities this year, in addition to their already robust messaging service.

Google offered over $19 billion for WhatsApp, but CEO felt it was spiteful

With Facebook’s massive acquisition of WhatsApp, many were curious as to why the social networking giant would be interested in a messaging platform. More to the point, why were they interested to the tune of $19 billion? Even more curious was WhatsApp’s rebuffing of Google’s apparent advances to acquire them. Now that the deal is done, new information on events leading up to the acquisition paint an odd picture.

What’s changing for WhatsApp users? “Nothing”

With Facebook purchasing WhatsApp, users may be concerned about what could change. Though we speculated in the announcement that there could be an advertising angle for Facebook, it seems WhatsApp will continue to operate normally. Still a standalone app, and keeping the same pay structure.

Facebook purchases WhatsApp for $19 billion

Facebook, in their continued desire for a messaging platform, has agreed to purchase WhatsApp. The selling price is a whopping $16 billion in cash and Facebook stock, plus $3 billion in Restricted Stock Awards, or RSA. A regulatory filing details all the subtleties, but for now — we’re going to sit back and marvel at that price.

Facebook Graph Search leaks for mobile

What’s more important for search, Google or Facebook? While that sounds like a silly question, it may not be so cut and dry. Facebook has incredible engagement, and they’re making a push for more content on Facebook from websites. Considering the amount of content you’re likely to find via Facebook, the new ‘Graph Search’ coming to mobile is interesting.

Facebook Paper for iOS is amazing, and we’d like to see it for Android soon

With Facebook Paper, we get a brand new — and better — way to access Facebook. Though released for iOS ahead of Android, there is no reason to think Facebook will not be releasing this for Android in the future. Hopefully we see it soon, but for now, we’re left to check out the iOS version. Is it worth anticipating, this new Facebook?
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