Facebook Home update brings back app dock, adds more features

Today the guys over at Facebook have just pushed out an update for their Android app, and it brings with it tons of new features and a few improvements to Home. To be specific, Facebook Home didn't get an update. The regular Facebook app has been updated which enables more features for all, and a few specific to Facebook Home. Their failed launcher is getting slightly improved and we have the details below.

Waze v3.7 update brings Facebook Events integration

There has been plenty of chatter dealing with a possible acquisition of Waze. We have heard a few possible company names being thrown around, one of which is Facebook. And while this latest bit of Waze news isn't dealing with an acquisition by Facebook, we are seeing news that involves Facebook. Basically, Waze v3.7 has been released and part of the update includes integration with Facebook Events.

Google said to be bidding against Facebook for Waze acquisition

Waze acquisition rumors continue to flow with the latest touching on Google. Those looking back may remember we heard talk of Apple acquiring Waze back in January and more recently, it was Facebook that was said to be working on a bid. Facebook picked up some attention at the time, which likely came as a result of the dollar amount -- $1 billion. With that in mind, it looks like the latest Waze acquisition rumors are now connected to Google.

HTC First Google Edition: when Facebook fails

HTC has been in the news a lot lately regarding their failed attempt at a Facebook Phone, again. We've also been hearing a lot of rumors about an HTC One 'Google Edition' to compete with Samsung's stock Android experience phone. With many questions around how the Ultrapixel camera and beats audio features would work without HTC's proprietary software we have an answer, and that is the HTC First Google Edition. Or just call it the HTC Second.

Android Facebook app update lets you delete comments on the go

Many Facebook users have criticized the Facebook application as lacking in stability and functionality. In fact, the Android Facebook application was so bad that Facebook forced its own employees to use Android devices so they can work the kinks out of the app a while back. If you're an avid Facebook user on your Android device, a new update for the application is now available that brings a nice new feature.

HTC First reportedly getting the axe from AT&T

AT&T lowered the price of the HTC First late last week and naturally, that had some questioning the success of the phone. To give a little background here, the HTC First was the first phone to launch with Facebook Home and it came available with AT&T on April 12. Basically, that is to say the handset had only been available for about a months time before that price cut arrived. The timing seems quick, however AT&T also lowered the price quite significantly. The HTC First went from $99.99 down to $0.99 on a two-year agreement.

Facebook adds, then deletes ongoing expandable notifications

We are still waiting for the Facebook Home update to come available in the Google Play Store, however in the meantime, the company has rolled out an updated release of the regular Facebook app. This update is currently available and the changelog details a few minor, but welcomed additions. Aside from what we see in the changelog though, there seems to have been something else that was added and later removed.