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Facebook Messenger app update brings stickers to Android

With details coming by way of a previous app update, Facebook had said they would have Chat Heads and stickers available for everyone over the next few weeks. Those stickers were later found to be hidden and available for those willing (or able) to tap a tiny little spot next to the plus button. As of today though, Facebook has once again updated the Android Messenger app and this time they have added the sticker support.

Facebook Home hits 500,000 installs

Facebook launched its new Home Android launcher a little over a week ago. So far the launcher has been downloaded over 500,000 times, which is a bit lean considering Facebook has billions of users. Granted Facebook Home only works on a handful of Android devices at this time.

Facebook Home unofficially patched for unsupported devices

Facebook Home originally launched on April 12, however as we were expecting to happen, it is only available for a select few devices at this time. The supported device list includes the HTC One X and One X+ as well as the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. There is also announced future support for the GALAXY S 4 and the HTC One. While this list includes some of the more popular Android phones, it still is only a few.

Facebook Home available now on the Google Play Store

Get excited folks because Facebook Home is finally here for a select few. We all knew that Facebook Home would arrive today, and now it appears to finally be available. This morning we reported that both Facebook and their messenger apps received updates prepping for Home, and now Home has just hit the Play Store - although it appears to be slowly rolling out.

Kakao Talk to launch an Android Launcher to compete against Facebook Home

Kakao Talk is a messaging app that's been available for Android for a while and has proven popular for Korean users. The company CEO has now revealed plans to Forbes that the company will be adding a new launcher within a couple weeks to make accessing its free messaging and calling app easier for users. The new launcher hopes to compete with Facebook Home.
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