Facebook for Android

Facebook 2.1 hands-on: Android gains Voice Messaging

Facebook has just delivered an update for its Android app, bringing it up to version 2.1. While the patch notes don't contain too much information, they do reveal one major feature: voice messages. Once you've applied this update, you'll be able to send short voice messages to your Facebook friends. This update, of course, comes on the heels of the announcement that Facebook would begin offering free calling over WiFi or mobile Internet for iOS users.

Facebook Nearby updated in Android app

Facebook has announced the most recent mobile related change, which in this case happens to be some updates to the Nearby features in the Android app. The updated app is already available in Google Play and according to the folks at Facebook, it will "make it easy to discover new places your friends like."

Facebook SDK 3.0 leaves the beta stage and brings native login and more

Facebook seems to have been doing some good things for Android users lately. Of course, we saw those "droidfood" signs urging Facebook employees to begin using Android a little while back. Perhaps more important for the average user though, the Facebook for Android app was updated yesterday. And while Facebook made the push for the end user yesterday, it looks like they are making the push for developers today.

Facebook for Android updated today – lets you choose album for photo uploads

Facebook for Android is getting a decent update today in the Google Play Store. Who's excited? I know many of you are hoping this would be the new and improved native Facebook app we've been hearing about, but sadly that isn't the case. This isn't the much anticipated native app but you'll be happy to know the entire photo upload, sharing, and albums part of Facebook for Android has been improved.
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