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Facebook Phone leak reveals 4 color options coming soon

It looks like we're slowly but surely starting to get the complete picture for HTC and Facebook's plans for their event tomorrow. After the initial leaked photo appeared yesterday giving us our first look at the 'HTC first' Facebook Phone, another has arrived today with the smartphone sporting 3 color options. Now all we need is for it to be official and to get our hands on it.

Facebook Phone ‘HTC first’ press image leaks

After all the reports and rumors it looks like this will in some manor truly be a "Facebook Phone" as many have been calling it. Thursday Facebook will be announcing their new home on Android, and now today we have our first look at what is likely to be announced. It's being called the 'HTC first' with snazzy looking Android navigation buttons and all.

HTC Myst ‘Facebook Phone’ hardware details leak

For those that missed the news late last week, Facebook is preparing something big for our Android smartphones, and are hosting an event this week to show the world. With rumors regarding their own Android OS skin like the Kindle Fire, a Facebook Phone built from the ground up, or even just a Home Launcher. Today however, we have the hardware details on the actual device.

Facebook Home leak hints at a home screen replacement app

Facebook Home, according to this latest round of leaks and rumors, is looking like it will be an app and a launcher. That is not to say there will be nothing with an actual phone. There is still talk of the HTC Myst, however based on these recent details, it looks like the Facebook Home app/launcher will also be made available in the Google Play Store.

Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times daily according to report

It's pretty safe to say we all have a problem. According to some new reports and surveys coming out this week, if you own a smartphone you probably check Facebook at least 14 times a day. And that is on average. Meaning many users check it far more than 14 times daily. Oh and this is just on a smartphone, this doesn't even count computer habits.

Facebook Newsfeed redesign aims for ‘mobile consistency’

Today Facebook is detailing the all-new Facebook front page known as the Newsfeed, and team Zuckerberg just announced a few details. Everything is changing, again. The new redesign will be aimed at "mobile consistency" as well as delivering what they call the best "personalized newspaper" available. It looks like Facebook is about to start taking mobile seriously.
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