Facebook for Android

Facebook adds, then deletes ongoing expandable notifications

We are still waiting for the Facebook Home update to come available in the Google Play Store, however in the meantime, the company has rolled out an updated release of the regular Facebook app. This update is currently available and the changelog details a few minor, but welcomed additions. Aside from what we see in the changelog though, there seems to have been something else that was added and later removed.

Facebook Trusted Contacts password recovery launches globally

Facebook has launched their latest password security option. This one is called Trusted Contacts and it has the user picking a few trusted friends who will be used if or when you ever find yourself unable to access your Facebook account. Basically you pick a few friends you can trust and if you are ever locked out of your account they will provide the security codes that will allow you back in.

Facebook Home will be available for download on April 12

Facebook Home is arriving as a launcher and will be available for download from the Google Play Store. The availability will initially be available for smartphones and is expected to arrive for tablets later on. So far, Facebook has said that Home will be available for tablets "within several months" and the initial smartphone launch will bring support for select models.

Facebook Home announced: here’s how it forks Android

After all the waiting and speculation we can finally put the rumors and leaks to rest. This morning Facebook has just kicked off their "New home on Android" event and essentially announced what we knew was coming. With plenty of leaks we had a good idea but now it's official. It's called Facebook Home and will be a replacement for your standard Android home screen laden with news feeds and Facebook galore.

Facebook Home event: We’re here live!

Not that we expect this to come as a surprise to anyone reading, but Facebook is having an event today. This is their "Come See Our New Home on Android" event which is as the teaser would imply -- all about Android. Based on recent rumors and leaks, we are expecting a smartphone announcement and also an app. Or based on the leaks, a better description for the app may be launcher.

AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega spotted at Facebook event

It should come as no surprise that we're expecting not just an announcement of the new Facebook app for Android and Facebook Home, but also a smartphone. It will be gracing the hands of users at the Facebook Home press event this afternoon. With a few leaks already in the bag many assumed it would be AT&T, but we can now confirm AT&T's own CEO Ralph de la Vega is in the building.
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