Facebook for Android

Facebook update: like posts offline,untag photos on app

You’re browsing through your Facebook on your phone and see a great picture or post by your friend about something important. You want/need to like it at that very moment. Too bad you’re offline. Or you had a wild party the previous night and when you wake up, you saw that your friends tagged embarrassing photos of you. Too bad you’re on mobile and you can’t untag to save your online reputation.

Facebook earnings show messaging is the way to profit

With their earnings call today, Facebook announced the typical myriad of financial statistics. A giant increase in both revenue and profit carry the day, but additional news from their various entities more than suggest their direction. When it comes to Facebook and the user, the message is clear: messaging is their new direction.  

Facebook Graph Search leaks for mobile

What’s more important for search, Google or Facebook? While that sounds like a silly question, it may not be so cut and dry. Facebook has incredible engagement, and they’re making a push for more content on Facebook from websites. Considering the amount of content you’re likely to find via Facebook, the new ‘Graph Search’ coming to mobile is interesting.

Facebook Paper for iOS is amazing, and we’d like to see it for Android soon

With Facebook Paper, we get a brand new — and better — way to access Facebook. Though released for iOS ahead of Android, there is no reason to think Facebook will not be releasing this for Android in the future. Hopefully we see it soon, but for now, we’re left to check out the iOS version. Is it worth anticipating, this new Facebook?

Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly users, 945 million via mobile

Curious how many of us actually use Facebook? According to them, over 1 billion — monthly. In their Financial results for Q4 2013, Facebook noted user statistics in addition to financial statistics. Aside from the overall user metrics come some interesting facts about how we access the social site, specifically on mobile.
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