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Google Face Unlock patent adds facial expressions to Android security

The ongoing debate about how secure and realistic face unlock is on Android is still a hotly discussed topic. However, Google is exploring new and improved systems that could help improve the security as we unlock our smartphones and tablets. The easy to fool (with a picture) Face Unlock feature could soon be getting facial features and expressions to help bolster the security method.

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock has issues with dark skin tones

One of the myriad new features in Ice Cream Sandwich that got people really excited about Android 4.0 was Face Unlock, an alternative to sliding, PIN or pattern-based screen unlocks that uses a forward-facing camera to literally recognize the user's face. Upon actual use, however, it's clear that the technology isn't quite as fleshed out as it could be: frequent errors necessitate a backup system for most users. Apparently some users in particular are having trouble: a Reddit user identifying himself as a black man said that he has consistent issues with Face Unlock not recognizing him. His problems are echoed by other users throughout the thread.

Apple applies for “Face and Presence Detection” patent — Android laughs

I'm not really sure where to start on this one other than oh wait -- Android already has the feature. It's called "Face Unlock" and is available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus within Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Just like our friendly source over at Phandroid I don't really want to simply sit here and bash Apple but I can't help but do so a little bit with this latest "innovation" and patent they've applied for.