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MasterCard developing new payment system that requires facial recognition

Biometrics are useful and productive. We’ve always imagined a future where you’d only need your face to be scanned to do some important transactions like paying the bills. We don’t know if this technology can be perfected in time but MasterCard is starting an experiment that aims to approve online purchases and payments with a facial scan at checkout. Think taking a selfie to pay for something. This is every selfie-addict’s dream come to true because really, it’s much easier to do compared to remembering a password, right?

Google Face Unlock patent adds facial expressions to Android security

The ongoing debate about how secure and realistic face unlock is on Android is still a hotly discussed topic. However, Google is exploring new and improved systems that could help improve the security as we unlock our smartphones and tablets. The easy to fool (with a picture) Face Unlock feature could soon be getting facial features and expressions to help bolster the security method.

MedRef Google Glass app brings facial recognition

The ability to look at a person and get details seems to be a feature that many would expect with Google Glass. While something along those lines may eventually arrive for use in a wide variety of places, it looks like we are getting our first look at a Glass app using facial recognition. This app is called MedRef for Glass and as implied by the name -- this one is aimed at the medical profession.

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock has issues with dark skin tones

One of the myriad new features in Ice Cream Sandwich that got people really excited about Android 4.0 was Face Unlock, an alternative to sliding, PIN or pattern-based screen unlocks that uses a forward-facing camera to literally recognize the user's face. Upon actual use, however, it's clear that the technology isn't quite as fleshed out as it could be: frequent errors necessitate a backup system for most users. Apparently some users in particular are having trouble: a Reddit user identifying himself as a black man said that he has consistent issues with Face Unlock not recognizing him. His problems are echoed by other users throughout the thread.

Google+ photo tagging now features automatic facial recognition

Google's social network site just keeps getting better and better these days. Now I know when you read automatic facial recognition you feel like John Connor from Terminator might hunt you down and recognize your face but this new system is completely opt-in. This feature is being called "Find My Face" and will make photo tagging even easier in Google+ land.

Google building Facial Recognition app to identify people by their face [False]

*Update: See bottom It looks like Google is at it again with another innovative idea. According to the CNN piece on it, it seems some are worried about privacy issues regarding this app from the search and ad giant. Google apparently has a mobile app that is currently under way that will use facial recognition software to identify people by their faces. The kicker here that has them worried is the main function. You snap a photo of someones face and the app will use it to access their personal information. From email and phone number, to possibly even pictures and their address.

Recognizr uses facial recognition for social network links [Video]

Face recognition on Android isn't exactly new - the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, when it finally goes on sale, will be able to identify people in photos and link them to their Contacts entries - but a new app promises facial recognition for all Android devices.  Recognizr is the handiwork of The Astonishing Tribe, and its gimmick is that it can ID people and link them not only to information on your phone, but to their various online social network and blog identities. Currently in proof-of-concept stage, there are a few caveats to bear in mind.  Most pressing is that anyone you want to "scan" with Recognizr has to have also registered with the system before they can show up.  That's not particularly surprising, when you think about it; there's no public-access database of faces linked to social networks which it could build upon. A public release is expected in the next few months. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GqJHaNRlas[/youtube] [via technabob]