HTC EVO 4G’s Car Upgrade Kit Now Available for $59.99

It's been a little while now since the HTC EVO 4G launched for Sprint. Awhile enough for the phone to be a relative hit for the network, and to leave plenty of customers out there eagerly anticipating the "official" car dock for the device. Well, sure enough, today's the day that you can finally head into a Sprint store and get your hands on one.

HTC Droid Incredible and EVO 4G Source Codes Released by HTC

Over the last couple of weeks, other major manufacturers released the source code for some of their devices, too. Both Motorola and Samsung released the code for the Droid X and Galaxy S devices, respectively. Which will make plenty of developers out there happy. This time around, HTC have pulled the curtain off the source code for two of their most high-profile devices.

HTC EVO 4G’s Android 2.2 Features Get Photographed

While we wait for August 3rd to come around, and you're busy checking for software updates like crazy, why not take a few minutes to check out the new features headed to the EVO courtesy of Android 2.2 in some colorful pictures? Yeah, we thought you might like that. It may not be as good as using the features on your own device, but it's better than nothing, right?

HTC EVO 4G’s Update to Android 2.2 Beginning July 30th? [Update]

That came out of nowhere. But, thanks to a new leak from an internal Sprint screen, it looks like the HTC EVO 4G is getting ready to get updated to Android 2.2 -- starting tomorrow. That's right, July 30th. But, in classic Sprint fashion, the update isn't going to just bring the EVO 4G to the most current software version, but it's also going to include a plethora of new updates to the device itself, courtesy of Sprint.

T-Mobile Will Launch HTC Vision with HSPA+ In September

According to some new rumors, the HTC Vision is launching this September at the same time as the HTC Vanguard. Also, reports suggest that the Vision will be T-Mobile's first HSPA+ device. HSPA+ basically means that the phone is going to be able to access data even faster than T-Mobile customers already can.

HTC Expects to have Android 2.2 Updates Finished by Christmas

According to HTC, the Desire is getting a Froyo-based update in August, but unfortunately other smartphones like the Wildfire, Incredible and EVO 4G will not be as lucky. The global PR and online community manager at HTC, Eric Lin, believes they will be done with Froyo testing before Christmas, so that's when those other devices should expect an update. He also explained that it takes a lot of time to port all of their applications over to Froyo, and make sure that it runs well on all of their devices.

Sprint puts hault on EVO OTA after problems arise

With fixes to wifi and battery life, things were looking good for the EVO 4G. But then it started bricking phones across the country, besides the original issues from the rooted device, customers with the phone have flooded tip lines with problems. One problem is the software is attempting to install itself twice, so basically install over itself.

HTC EVO 4Gs Shipping With New Displays?

The newer EVO's have recently just come out and there is a huge difference in the colors of the LCD screens. The newer model has a washed out look to it and the older has better contract, the colors are richer. If you look close to it you can see a row of dead pixels that can look like hair from a little further back.

HTC EVO 4G Set for Software Update on June 28th

News on a software update for the EVO 4G can't be completley confirmed, but BGR has received news that Sprint is preparing for a maintenance update. The update is supposedly coming up on the 28th of June, three things are to be targeted in the update. The first update will be an improvement on the wi-fi, the EVO 4G is known for it's poor wi-fi reception.
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