• Skitch Android update brings full Evernote sync

    The folks behind Skitch have just pushed an update to version 2.0 for Android out the door, and it brings some snazzy new features with it. There isn't too terribly much included in this update - which means the changelog isn't

    October 30, 2012 • Views: 128

  • Evernote gets improved premium features, better note editing, and more

    Evernote has just launched a new update for its Android app that brings some pretty slick new features. The first thing being touted by Evernote is a major improvement to the premium offline notebooks feature. This update adds

    October 19, 2012 • Views: 63

  • Evernote updated with improved performance and Jelly Bean notifications

    The folks handling the development for the popular note taking app Evernote have been busy. They've managed to always update the app with the latest and greatest Android features around, and are constantly improving their

    August 31, 2012 • Views: 42

  • Evernote Food launches for Android

    If you love to cook or just have a huge appetite today we have an app for you. The popular Evernote has just launched their new Evernote Food app for Android. Whether you've created a meal, enjoyed a meal, or saw something you

    June 7, 2012 • Views: 112

  • Evernote Hello contact manager hits Android

    Evernote is branching out from its standard notation/bookmark/link sharing service into something a little more relatable. Today they're launching Evernote Hello, a contact manager that aims to make remembering your contacts much

    May 30, 2012 • Views: 108

  • Evernote 4.0 for Android debuts

    This week ,a href="http://blog.evernote.com/2012/05/15/the-all-new-evernote-4-0-for-android/">Evernote 4.0 for Android debuted, and the update brings with it some slick new features the users of the app will appreciate.

    May 16, 2012 • Views: 65

  • Dolphin Browser adds Evernote, Skitch functionality

    Dolphin Browser HD remains one of the most popular third-party browser alternatives for Android with over ten million downloads, and at least part of that is because of the strength of its add-on system. In that respect it's

    January 24, 2012 • Views: 89

  • Evernote Updates App, Now Supports Android 3.0 Tablets with New UI

    The ever so popular Evernote was recently updated and it now fully supports Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets. The phone user interface looked and worked great already but a polished and pretty UI just for Honeycomb was needed, and

    July 12, 2011 • Views: 72

  • Evernote for Android gets huge update

    Users of Evernote know how beneficial it is to save important information, images, just about anything and organizing it for easy retrieval. In today's mobile based society, it was only a matter of time and effort before Evernote

    April 19, 2011 • Views: 55

  • Evernote for Android Updated to 2.6 (speed, editing power)

    The most lovely of elephant related note taking applications Evernote has been updated to version 2.6 which includes several new features including, but not limited to: Snippets, Notebook Stacks, Editing of styled notes from your

    February 9, 2011 • Views: 68