LG confirms backside touch controls with the G2 in new press invite

The folks from LG have been busy sending out multiple press invites for the same event. That being their August 7th unveiling of the first smartphone to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series quad-core processor. The upcoming LG G2 is quite the impressive looking handset, and their latest press invite going out today confirms leaks regarding backside touch controls.

Motorola DROID ULTRA image leaks ahead of tomorrow’s event

With Motorola and Verizon set to announce a slew of new devices tomorrow, today we're seeing our first actual image of the hardware out in the wild. While we've seen countless leaks of the upcoming DROID ULTRA, and even some press images, this is the first sighting in the wild. Complete with a red racing stripe and all, the ULTRA is what we're most looking forward to seeing tomorrow.

Samsung Developer Conference promises to be a “major” event

Samsung looks ready to make a bigger move into the developer space, one that will have them following in the lines of some of the other big players. The company has announced the Samsung Developer Conference which will kick-off on October 27th. The event will take place in San Francisco, California and it one that Samsung is promising to be "major."

Moto X gets official on August 1st at NYC press event

Motorola has taken the next step towards releasing the Moto X. The company has just announced an event for August 1st. The event invite didn't reveal much in the way of details, but it is refreshing to see that an event date has been announced. The image that accompanied the image (seen below) has nothing more than a few people sitting around.

Google pencils in Android event on July 24th, new Nexus or Moto X

Our good friends over at Google have just started sending out invites for an event scheduled for July 24th in San Francisco. It's time to get excited folks because next Wednesday Google will be dropping some Android news on us. The invite simply asks select press to join Google "for breakfast with Sundar Pichai," who is the head of Android and Chrome these days.

Moto X event on July 11th denied by Motorola

The rumors surrounding Google and Motorola's upcoming Moto X smartphone haven't slowed down. In fact, they've only increased now that Motorola's confirmed the device is real, coming soon, and will be completely customizable after posting a teaser site on July 4th. However, the latest rumors swirling was that a private press event on July 11th was taking place, but we can now confirm that is false.

LG to have event in New York City on August 7th

My oh my, what interesting times we live in. LG, the Korean mobile phone division, has announced to the press that on August 7th they'll be having a press event. The most leery part of the message we received was... that they didn't mention what the event was for.
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