Join Us With Google’s Honeycomb Showcase Stream

Today is a big day for Android. Google will officially be showing off Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will be giving full hands-on demos of the operating system for the first time. We're preparing to head over now, and you can join us with the live stream of the press event!

Sprint Event Hinting at 3D Android Phone?

Just a few days ago (January 12th to be exact,) we received an invite to a Sprint event to be taking place on February 7, 2011 that promised no less that an "industry first" in wireless, this event to be joined by illusionist David Blaine. Now we may have (MAYBE) put the puzzle pieces together in an older post (old as in November 2010) which pointed toward an HTC phone with 3D capabilities.

Google Chrome Event Announced, Invites Sent to Publishers [UPDATED]

Hooray! Invites have been sent out to publishers for an even that'll be taking place on December 7th at around 10AM centered around Google Chrome! What'll it be, what'll it be?! This event will take place at Dogpatch studios over in San Francisco, the event lasting 3 hours, with a DEMO session near the end! You know what that means? Something totally and completely sweet.

Google Holiday Party Invites Sent to Members of the Media

Oh joyous day, a Google party! What will they have, candy? Cookies? Eggnog? Wait a moment - what holiday-themed Google-related treasure is due to be released in the very near future? Maybe they WILL have cookies - of the Gingerbread variety? On the other hand, take heed of that "off the record" comment there in the line about informality in this invite. That might mean it's just all hugs and apple cider. Either way, fun!

FaceBook Event Being Broadcast Via FaceBook Live

If you have some time on yours hands when 10:30 PT comes around, you might want to check out Facebook's live stream of their mobile-focused event. It is still unclear exactly what their plans are but we're hoping that it involves either deeper integration into the Android platform, or a device developed by the Facebook team. You can check out the Live Stream here. And if you're not able to catch the live stream, be sure to stay tuned as we will be there, keeping you updated with any potential software demos, or hands-on time!

Reminder: FaceBook Media Event Today 1:30PM – We will be there

Facebook is indeed holding a media event today at 1:30PM ET at their headquarters. The event is said to be mobile-focused, will we get to see a Facebook-branded Android handset? Whatever we see, it's expected that we will at least see an update to the companies Facebook application and "deeper integration with some manufacturers."

T-Mobile Officially Announced myTouch 4G

The rumors we heard earlier this week were true, T-Mobile is set to release it's upcoming myTouch on November 3rd. Named the myTouch 4G to reflect it's ability to be used on T-Mobiles HSPA+ network and will launch for $199 with a 2-year contract.
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