Event Security

HTC : Release the Dogs [AC Event Security Series]

Standing there at the HTC booth at Mobile World Congress 2011 several minutes after they'd had a press conference in a different place entirely with the rest of my teammates, I came to see a mad rush to release the next generation of HTC handheld devices. Holding the crowd back from the showroom floor, as it were, the various representatives, workers, and show people replaced about every other phone that was already on the floor with the new devices that'd been announced less than a half hour before. This was no less than a microcosm of the event as a whole and indeed of this new mobile technology culture's ravenousness as a whole. Come with us on this pointed journey.

HTC Android Stickers Unto Battery Backs [AC EVENT SECURITY SERIES]

We've been digging through out Mobile World Congress 2011 albums these past few days and just a moment ago we discovered this little gem. Can you tell what's going on here? It's taking place at the HTC stand, the same day the Facebook phones and the Flyer were released, earlier in the day, before they were put out. Perhaps some background information would be helpful: MWC 2011 was riddled with whispers of theft and misplacement of products, many cell phones and other such devices being stolen because security was no more than a lock on the battery cover of many devices. HTC had the most brilliant idea here to combat such evil - stickers!

ATRIX 4G Battery Cover with Duct / Metal Tape [AC Event Security Series]

Our series on security measures taken at press events continues here with a bit of tape placed between the batter and the battery cover on a Motorola ATRIX 4G Android smartphone at the Motorola booth at Mobile World Congress 2011. As we mentioned in the last post in this series, Mobile World Congress had more than one rumor going around about stolen devices at stands throughout the giant event. Where HTC decided it smooth to add Android stickers to the backs of their phones, Motorola had a slightly less obvious tactic in play.