Google teases details of new boot verification system, possible Android M feature

We have a few things we know about Android M, the mobile operating system that will come out of Google’s production line pretty soon. But what we have here are some new warning messages that Google posted on its Nexus support site, and because we haven’t seen this on the current crop of Android devices yet, something tells us we should watch out for this on the next iteration of Android.

Missing purchased apps from Play Store? Google’s working on a fix

Over the past couple of days we've received a few tips that users were experiencing problems with the Google Play Store, and some were reporting that their paid application lists were completely missing. Some went as far as to say the market was asking them to purchase said apps again. After receiving a few more complaints, and seeing several threads appear at XDA regarding the issue we now have good news.

Reminder: Rooted Devices Can’t Watch Rented Movies with New Market

Yesterday Google unveiled the new Android Market and just about as quickly as we all heard the news, it was leaked to the interwebs and we all jumped on it and tested out the new Market. If you've yet to try the new market download it here. It brought some exciting new things such as movie and book rentals as well as a fresh new user interface. In case you forgot though, this is a reminder that rooted devices cannot watch rented movies so don't waste your money.

Nexus S Random Reboot Issue Reported to Google, Being Worked On

Perhaps you've got a Nexus S, and perhaps you've been totally fine with everything it's capable of (and it's capable of a lot!) but you've got one problem - random rebooting. Not ok! So what do you do? You do like WestindiesKING did, and report it to Google! This is exactly what happened back a few days ago on the 29th of December [See Here]. Now there's a brand new response from Ry_Guy (a Google official) which says that indeed they have been able to reproduce this error, and are working on it.