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Watch Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s MWC keynote speech here

Do you like Android? Want a look at the future of Android, and Google's mobile strategy in general? Got about an hour and change in spare time? The sit back and watch Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt wax philosophical on the current state of mobile technology around the world, and where it's going. Schmidt addressed Mobile World Congress at the pleasure of the GSMA yesterday as the keynote speaker, and while there wasn't any earth-shattering reveal, it's still worth your time if you want to delve deeper int Google's motivations and goals for the platform.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: February 28, 2012

We've seen a few more hints at the future of Android today from Google's MWC keynote. Eric Schmidt spoke for roughly an hour on what to expect for the future of Android development, how Android will become even more economically friendly than it already is, and how Chrome for Android is already the most secure/safe browser on the Android Market. We should see Android devices reach the $70 range by next year. More specifically, he stated "Last year's $400 phone is next year's $100 phone". Apart from the keynote, Google's vice president of engineering for mobile, Hiroshi Lockheimer, hinted for Android 5.0 Jelly Bean to have a fall release instead of the earlier summer rumor. This is somewhat comforting, considering Android 4.0 is finally starting to show up on non-Nexus devices.

Eric Schmidt: $70 Android Smartphones coming soon

Pricing of smartphones has always been an issue, especially over the past year with 4G LTE and quad-core processors becoming the standard. While talking on stage here at MWC Schmidt was asked about Android on feature phones and simply said "buy a smartphone." Then continued on and talked about smartphone prices and what we can expect in the future with Android.

Eric Schmidt: Android will match feature phone prices next year

At Google's keynote at Mobile World Congress, a member of the press asked the Chairman when Android would be coming to low-cost feature phones. Schmidt immediately answered with, "Why not buy a smartphone?" Schmidt wasn't being crass, he was pointing out that Android keeps reaching into the lower end, in price if not in power. "Last year's $400 phone is next year's $100 phone," said Schmidt, stating that he hopes and expects Android to enter lower and lower markets as it progresses.

Schmidt commits to “open Android”, says iPhone started late

In a visit to South Korea, Reuters reports that Google boss Eric Schmidt wanted to reassure the native home of Samsung that the company's upcoming acquisition of Motorola wouldn't impact its relationship with other Android manufacturers. "The Motorola deal will close and we will run it sufficiently and independently," he said,"it will not violate the openness of Android." Schmidt also took a moment to comment on the late Steve Jobs, whose official biography is causing much speculation on the early days of Android and the iPhone.

Eric Schmidt: Motorola acquisition “Won’t screw up the ecosystem”

Many industry insiders, not the least of whom being Motorola's competitors, have worried that Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility might make the hardware company the "golden child" of the Android universe. Google chairman Eric Schmidt gave an interview this weekend, assuaging fears and assuring investors that the stability of Android is paramount. Google, he said, is committed to Android as a whole, and will not play favorites - sort of.

Eric Schmidt Comments on the Apple Lawsuits

The big man at Google known as Eric Schmidt looks to be stepping in to share a few comments regarding the current lawsuits we have been reading about. Not only is HTC getting hit but Apple and their army of lawyers have been going after Samsung too. At a Google mobile conference in Tokyo, Schmidt was pretty confident it talking about not only Apple lawsuits but also the issue with Microsoft as of late.

Andy Rubin now Senior Vice President of Google [UPDATED]

A few of our main Google super-computers are switching places as of late, one of them you may well know about - Larry Page, co-founder of Google switching up with Eric Schmidt, leaving Schmidt to do all the dirty work (traveling about the earth talking about the awesomeness of Google, for example.) Meanwhile Page has been doing some more inter-company promoting. One of these promotions, the one we'll be keeping the closest eye on, is Andy Rubin, who until this time was of course known as the father of Android and Vice President of Engineering at Google, is now one of six Senior Vice Presidents.
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