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Eric Schmidt says mobile has won, predicts ‘everyone’ will have a smartphone in 2014

Now that’s he’s told us how to properly distance ourselves from anything that isn’t Android, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is now predicting the future. In a Bloomberg “Ask a Billionaire” segment on YouTube, Schmidt claims the sprint away from traditional computing has seen it’s day, declaring mobile technology the winner. He also says that in 2014, everyone will have a smartphone.

Google’s Eric Schmidt offers a guide from moving to Android from iPhones

Holiday season and the time of gift-giving is almost upon us. And what better gift is there for your iPhone touting buddy than a brand new high-end Android smartphone? But since a new mobile platform always involves no small amount of hassle when migrating from the old one, Google CEO Eric Schmidt himself has decided to help his friends and yours in making that crucial step less daunting.

Schmidt says Android more secure than iPhone

Eric Schmidt, in a remark delivered to a packed audience during a question and answer session at the Gartner Symposium, unequivocally said that Android is more secure than the iPhone. This unsurprising statement coming from Google's chief executive is sure to draw no small amount of discussion between fans of both platforms.

Moto X makes public debut courtesy of Google’s Eric Schmidt

As if there hadn't been enough hype surrounding the Moto X, it looks like we now have a true in-the-wild sighting. Though, given the circumstances this one can hardly be considered a leak. Instead what we have is Google's Eric Schmidt simply using the handset. These images come by way of the annual Allen & Co. conference and as you will see throughout this post -- are showing the Moto X in white.

Google’s Eric Schmidt on reading your email, AOL and not being evil

Google's Eric Schmidt recently made an appearance on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, which is weekly comedy trivia show. Schmidt was using this appearance to promote his new book, however as one would expect -- other topics were discussed. For example, Schmidt revealed that he doesn't feel sorry for those using AOL email, that he could read all of our email and that he felt the "don't be evil" slogan was "the stupidest rule ever."

Eric Schmidt: Android seeing 1.5 million activations daily

Eric Schmidt has recently taken the stage at Dive Into Mobile 2013 and as one almost expects at this time, he talked some numbers. In this case, Schmidt was talking about Android giving some details in terms of operators, countries, available apps and the sales and activations. Beginning first with the one that many seem most interested in, Android is now seeing 1.5 million in sales and activations every day.

Google’s Eric Schmidt detours to India before visiting Myanmar

Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt decided to make a quick stop in India before making his appearance in Myanmar for a public event. In India, Schmidt's arrival excited many of the tech start-ups in the country. He made a stop in Bangalore, where he spent 4 hours talking to the employees at Google's offices there. His talks were also streamed to Google's employees in Hyderabad.
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