Google Admin app launches for Android

Google has released a new app this afternoon, called Google Admin. The app is intended for those who are managing Google Apps accounts and is available for Android devices by way of the Play Store. Google mentions how the Admin app will allow you to take care of the "most common tasks" which includes everything from adding new users to handling password resets.

HTC One becomes first HTCPro certified for business device

The HTC One has been in the news a lot over the past few days. With rumors of stock Android models, bigger 5-inch screens, and patent lawsuits from Nokia. Today we have more good news though, as the HTC One is the first device to become HTCPro certified for business use in the U.S. and will be taking on Blackberry and Samsung SAFE.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service v10.1 arrives with support for Android

BlackBerry announced the upcoming support for BBM on Android earlier this morning, however it looks like that was not the only Android related news coming out of BlackBerry Live. The other news was for the release of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 v10.1, which includes support for BlackBerry devices as well as Android and iOS devices. In simpler terms, this means the IT department will be able to manage and lockdown Android handsets under a bring your own device program.

Samsung swings at RIM with its SAFE enterprise system in Europe

Blackberry has been seeing its once dominate hold on smartphones decreasing a great deal lately. The one place they still had the market on lockdown is for businesses who need an enterprise device to give to a workforce. Samsung now has its eyes on that market with the launch of SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) in Europe. For Samsung, this is just the beginning of a global rollout, which will see it going directly after RIM in the one part of the market RIM still controls.

Samsung makes the Galaxy S III “SAFE” for Enterprise

Samsung today has unveiled a new smartphone as well as a rating for their devices being called SAFE, which stands for "Samsung approved for enterprise." This new SAFE rating has immediately been attached to their brand new Galaxy S III, reassuring users that Samsung is the best route -- especially for enterprise users.

Lenovo prepares business Android app store

While Lenovo has been making strides in the consumer market for the last few years, its heart and soul is in enterprise, where a ThinkPad laptop is the computing equivalent of sensible khakis and a power tie. Their tablets (even the ThinkPad Tablet) haven't caught on as of yet, but the company is hoping to change that with the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop, an app store for enterprise customers. (Natch.) As opposed to the Google Play Store and its alternatives, the Enterprise App Shop can be launched on a company-by-company basis, with volume licensing discounts and on-site management tools.

HTC and IBM partner to bring Android to the enterprise market

HTC knows Android like the back of its metaphorical hand, and IBM is downright synonymous with enterprise computing. The two companies are joining forces to combine their relative prowess and speed Android adoption among the enterprise set, reports eWeek. The partnership will come in the form of business-centric software from IBM bundled on HTC's upcoming phones, as Big Blue announced at its Lotusphere conference in Orlando.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion manages corporate assets on Android

RIM is having a tough time right now. They're being squeezed from the top with iOS and from the bottom (well, bottom, top, sides and everywhere else) with Android. But the BlackBerry hardware is only part of RIM's overall business, and they're making a major effort to expand even more into the corporate services space. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will allow IT managers to access and control company assets on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, essentially making the existing Enterprise Server cross-platform.

Motorola readies ET1 7-inch rugged business tablet

Android still isn't considered especially business-friendly (that title still rests with the increasingly humble Blackberry) and most "business tablets" come with either a full version of Windows, Windows CE or a custom operating system. Motorola is aiming to change that with the ET1, a rugged business tablet designed specifically for point-of-sale operations and other things done while listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive. Compared to Cisco's Cius tablet, it could be a winner.
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