Unicode 8.0 adds 37 new emojis, including taco, unicorn, nerd face

Emojis started out as just smiley faces that we insert in text and online conversations with friends and loved ones, but now, it has become almost a whole new language (and even industry!). The Unicode Consortium, which brings the standard that platforms and companies use, has announced the release of Unicode 8.0. Now we have 37 more emojis to have fun with and to communicate with others, even without using any words.

Emojis (and three new filters) come to Instagram

It's official guys: someday, emojis will run the world. Instagram is the latest to fall for this weird kind of communication that we've got going as the latest update to the app brings emojis into the equation, allowing you now to add emojis to your hashtags and also searching for posts using these emoji hashtags. Oh, and before we forget, there are three new, cool filters that come with the update as well.

Emoji Switcher lets you use different emoji versions

If you've noticed that the emojis on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Android KitKat phone are different from iOS and the basic Google versions, it's because they are not from Google. Those are emojis created by Samsung which they plan on including in future mobile devices and the next firmware updates. The recent firmware released by Samsung included a special emoji set that looked a lot different from iOS and Google. They're still cute but it would be nice if we could use the original emotions and the Google emojis that we see on Hangouts. Even LG has its own version.

MojiMe makes custom stickers for more memorable WeChat moments

Emoticons are more popularly known as stickers now. They will never go out of trend because people love sharing them whether online or mobile. They’re cute and add laughter to any conversation. If before we use emoticons on desktop messaging apps like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and ICQ, they are widely used today in mobile messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Viber. Even Facebook and BBM have these stickers for some cutesy talk.

Bitstrips + Emoji = Bitmoji and whole lot of avatar fun

If you believe that Bistrips and emojis are two of the greatest things ever that came from the Internet, then this new app is definitely something that will make you search for the best happy emoji. Bitmoji combines two of the things we love to share on social networks and messaging apps, and will make conversations and status updates even more interesting (or so we hope).

Fleksy update brings emoji and “My Fleksy” personalization

The Fleksy Keyboard app has recently been updated. This latest is currently available from the Play Store, and will bring the keyboard up to version 1.2.3. Perhaps key here, the changes that come along with the new version number. This time around there is emoji and something called My Fleksy.