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Gmail now lets you star Contacts as well

Some metaphors or symbols have become so ingrained in our modern psyches that we sometimes start to wonder when they're missing. One such feature, the starring of content to mark them as important or a favorite, has been included in almost all of Google's services save a few. Those exceptions have grown smaller now that Google has brought the feature to Gmail's contacts as well.

Trapster Android App Users: Y’all Got Hacked

The team working on the Trapster app (that one that helps you speed and mark speed traps and crash into walls and etc,) have sent warning that their site has been compromised, and that indeed the emails and passwords of thousands of their users had been taken - taken for what, you may ask? Taken for some spam! A helpful Android Community tipster by the name of Pam has tipped us off to this terrible event, recounting for us exactly what happened to her and the email sent out by Trapster as warning to others.

New Gmail Compose Page For Android

Since the release of Android, Google had made numerous updates to their core Android Apps (with the exception to the music player). All of the changes have made the Android experience more visually appealing. These changes usually slide by “stealthy” without the user being notified of the change.