Brain It On to challenge your thinking and mobile drawing style

Sometimes, you want to play brainless games where you just match 3 or you slice some fruits. There are times when you want to let out your inner brute in violent, combat games. And then there are times when you want to challenge your brain to solve puzzles that may seem simple but are actually pretty difficult. A new game called Brain It On will do the third thing we mentioned, and if you're in the mood for that type of mobile game, then you'd probably enjoy this one.

Create atoms but don’t destroy the universe in new Android game Atomas

The description "easy to learn, difficult to master" has been used and abused in describing mobile games (or just games in general), but sometimes that is really the best way to describe it. One such game is called Atomas, and yes, it is all about solving puzzles and creating elements, so if this is your kind of thing, read on. If chemistry isn't your jam, then maybe look away, unless you think playing this game might make you appreciate this subject at last.

Studystorm app can help students get higher grades

Students and even teachers nowadays are lucky because of all the resources and technology available to them. There's the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, websites, social media, and their computers, smartphones, and tablets to use for studying and work. I am part of the generation where bringing laptops was still considered a luxury and there was no WiFi anywhere. Smartphones then were equipped with VGA cameras and the bulkier the desktop system was, the more powerful it was.

Google Play for Education program comes to Canada

Google has yet to launch Chrome for Work but the Internet giant has done a lot for education already. There's the Drive for Education made free for students and educators October last year. Even before school started in September, Google Play for Education has added support for tablet sharing between five students. Soon after, it became official on Chromebooks. Google values education. It's not just about work, entertainment, or games. After it went live in 2013, the Google Play for Education program has been helping a lot of people, mostly the education sector not only in the United States but especially in other developing countries.

Star Walk 2: for astronomy buffs and wanna-be stargazers

Some people say that we spend too much time looking at our screens and not enough time observing the things around us, like nature, the flowers, the stars, etc. But what if you could combine both (well, at least the stars part)? What if your screen, in this case your smartphone or tablet, can actually help you appreciate the skies more? This is precisely what the Star Walk 2 app is trying to do, both for the seasoned astronomers and for newbies who want to learn more about the skies at night.

Uber partners with Fuhu, adds nabi 2 tablets to uberFAMILY rides

San Francisco-based Uber has recently partnered with Fuhu to bring the nabi 2 tablet to uberFAMILY rides. This new partnership makes moms excited because their young children will now be entertained while at the back of an Uber car. Uber must have noticed that kids can be rowdy at the backseat, kicking the driver's or passenger seat or playing with power windows, that the management thought of giving them something else to do. And since tablets are riveting to little humans, the nabi 2 educational tablet would be the perfect solution.

My Study Life lets you store notes, homework, classes in the cloud

Even if I'm happy and comfortable behind my laptop tapping away words for work, I sometimes wish that life was this easy back in school. You know, when I could bring my laptop or tablet inside the classroom to take down notes. And when I'm done with my class, I can enjoy browsing the Internet and continue doing my "research" because the whole school is WiFi-enabled. Yep, I'm part of the last generation of university students where owning a laptop was still a luxury and getting into the Internet required dialling into the ISP network.

Peak Brain Training will make you smarter

The Peak for Android is a whole suite of games and activities that will exercise your brain muscles. Don't mistake this for the Peak wearable because it's really just a collection of educational games available on Google Play Store. It's actually a self-improvement app that helps millions of people to improve memory, focus, language, mental agility, and problem solving skills with fun and challenging games.

Smartwatch being banned in some universities ahead of Apple Watch release

We've been saying this could be the year of smartwatches what with the numerous models from different manufacturers being introduced left and right since last year. Some of the more popular ones are those from Samsung, LG, and Motorola. The Pebble watch was one of the pioneers but was quickly rivalled by the bigger tech companies. As for Apple, Cupertino has yet to enter the market with the Apple watch. It was unveiled last year but the actual hardware will only be ready this year. People are already anticipating that it will be popular, of course, among the iPhone, iPad, and even Mac owners but maybe not enough to take over Android Wear-powered wearables.

Learn basic coding by helping The Doctor in new BBC game

Learning to code can sometimes be a very tedious task, particularly if you're someone not that crazy about details or numbers and figures. But if you think it's a necessary skill you have to acquire, then there are ways to help you out or get you more interested in it. BBC believes more people would want to learn it if it's put into a game format. That's precisely what they've done with the release of The Doctor and the Dalek, a new game for tablets released on Android and other platforms today.
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