Astri MID Android ebook Reader with 2 Displays [Video]

At CES 2010 Marvell had on display an Android-based ebook reader named Astri MID, but in this case the MID moniker stands for My Interactive Device, ha, go figure. Anyway, the new device is said to have an unspecified Marvell chipset and is supposed to target the education market. The Astri MID ereader sports a dual-display (as you can see on the image above), one 5-inch Wacom touchscreen epaper panel on the left and a 4.8-inch WVGA LCD touchscreen on the right. That way you'll be able to read ebooks and other documents on the E Ink panel. Meanwhile, the other side - 4.8-inch LCD display - can be used for IM, to check emails, or just to access the web with the Android browser. There's no word on pricing or arrival date just yet. Enjoy the video below and don't forget to let us know what you think about this device. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B7cx0OXBD4&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] [Via SlashGear]

Android-based Barnes & Noble nook gets reviewed by SlashGear

It's not quite the regular Android Community smartphone fare, but underneath the reskin Barnes & Noble's nook ebook reader packs Google's open-source OS.  Over at SlashGear there's a full review of the dual-display device, which has both a 6-inch monochrome E Ink panel and a 3.5-inch color capacitive touchscreen for navigation. The nook also gets both WiFi b/g and 3G, either of which can be used to download new ebooks from Barnes & Noble's store.  The retailer is also hoping to make good use of their physical bookstores, with free wireless connectivity while you're there and - come 2010 - the ability to browse a full ebook for up to an hour. It's not all great news, however; there are some performance issues, and B&N are promising an OTA software update to address some of the page rendering delays.  For all the details - plus more live photos and video - head over to the SlashGear review. Barnes & Noble nook video demo: [vms ca02b0d42dabeb8e46bb]

Barnes & Noble Nook may run Android applications

Barnes & Noble officially unveiled its slick Nook eBook reader last week that will be powered by Android. The cool reader has an e-Ink display for reading and a secondary color display for viewing other content. At the time the device was announced Barnes and Noble was not clear on how much Android would play a roll in the device.

Alex Android-based dual-screen ebook reader by Spring Design

Ebook reader apps for Android have been in the Android Market for some time now, but we've yet to see a production ebook device that uses Google's open-source platform.  That could change imminently, however, with the unveiling of the Spring Design Alex ebook reader, a dual-display slate that has a standard 6-inch E Ink panel up top and a second, 3.5-inch color LCD touchscreen underneath, while Android runs the whole show.

Moto Android-based eBook reference design: Video Demo

The Moto Development Group have created an Android-based e-ink display, which could eventually become an e-book reader based on Google's open-source platform.  The reference design uses an E-Ink Broadsheet development kit, complete with a 6-inch display panel, interfacing with an OMAP-based dev kit running Android. Moto - not to be confused with Motorola, the two are different organizations - is currently developing customized versions of Android suitable for embedded applications such as this.  In fact it's likely to be one of many developers doing a similar thing: the recent rumors out of the Android camp, which tipped China as a hot-bed of Android development, likely stems from the cost advantages of moving away from Windows CE licences to the free Google platform. Right now the reference design needs some work before it could enter prototype stage, not least to address e-ink's screen-blackout when refreshing.  However it does suggest a new generation of internet-connected ebook readers that, like the Amazon Kindle, can download content but, unlike the Kindle, aren't hemmed into a relatively closed information ecosystem. [via Engadget]
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