Organize your electronic research papers with Mendeley app

There are a lot of book and reading apps out there, but most of them are meant for fiction and non-fiction but non-academic books. What if you're doing research for university or for a business paper, and what you need is an app that has more than just what these reading apps are offering? What if you have a lot of PDF files for research and need a way to organize, catalogue and actually read them in a user-friendly way. Mendeley is an app that claims can help you in these circumstances.

Google intros new Literata typeface for Play Books

If you're a regular reader on Google Play Books, you'd be happy to know that there is a new font you could use. The new font called Literata is said to be ideal for longer reads on all devices so whether you're reading on your smartphone or tablet, your eyes won't get tired because the new book typeface was custom-made just for Google.

Oyster now selling ebooks in new estore, updated app

The battle for "the best way to read books", at least digitally, is heating up even more as Oyster, an emerging rival for Amazon, iBooks, Google Play Books and its like, has announced that you will now be able to purchase ebooks from them through their newly launched ebook store. So not only can you subscribe monthly and read unlimited books from their library, you can now also purchase ebooks should you wish to own them permanently.

Sol Invictus sci-fi gamebook launched on Android

You might be forgiven for not knowing about Sol Invictus – if you didn’t play Kyle B. Stiff’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” which is the predecessor to this gamebook, you might not even know it existed. But we’re here to put a little bit of good old book gaming and science fiction into your world.

Amazon offers big discounts, great digital content deals this Christmas

Two more days 'til it's Christmas and I'm pretty sure you're not done with shopping for gifts yet. Why brave the crowd in the mall when you can do your shopping online? Amazon is one popular destination this season and the e-commerce website has been offering a lot of great deals from apps to videos to music, gadgets, ebooks, and more. Amazon started the Christmas week right by offering the lowest prices on content you can find on the Amazon App Store, Amazon devices, Kindle Books, Amazon Music, and Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon accidentally leaks unlimited ebook subscription

Amazon might once again be preparing to upset the fragile balance in the ebook publishing and distribution realm. An Amazon Kindle Unlimited web page was mistakenly published and promptly taken down, but not before it was saved for posterity by Google's almighty cache, giving us a sneak peek at what could be the retailer's "read all you can" service, for only $9.99 a month.

Google Play Books to add 13 more countries to its roster

Mobile book readers in 13 countries will soon be able to access and buy ebooks through Google Play Books as Google continues to expand their market, this time in Central, North and South America, plus two more European countries. The new app update will bring a total of 58 countries where the ebooks are available, although its support page doesn't show it yet and will take some time to roll it out.
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