Motorola Q1 2013 operating loss tops $271 million

Today in case you didn't notice, Google is hosting their Q1 2013 earnings report where we're hearing all sorts of interesting details and sales reports. While Google rang in roughly $14 billion in revenue, the folks from Motorola aren't doing quite as good. Q1 2012 Motorola reported an operating loss of $121 million, but this year it has increased to $179 million. A little bit of a black hole Google is hoping to change.

Google’s Q1 2013 earnings report tops $14 billion in revenue

It's that time of year again folks. While we have all been busy with Taxes the guys at Google have just released their Q1 earnings report for 2013 - and they had a biggie. It looks like things are following along with the end of 2012, and Google's reporting some very solid numbers and a strong start to this year. With more than $14 billion in revenue things are looking good.

Verizon Q1 2013 results show 677,000 new subscribers

Verizon has posted their latest earnings report, which in this case happens to be for the first quarter of 2013. Jumping right in with some numbers and we have 677,000, which is the number of new subscribers that have been added for Verizon Wireless. In addition, some of the highlights coming from the Q1 2013 report talk about smartphones in general and also the current state of the 4G LTE network.

T-Mobile reports first positive branded growth in four years

While this is all a bit soon to be a reaction from the recent T-Mobile UNcarrier event, it does appear as if the carrier has some good news to share. Whether that good news will continue will be a story for another day, however as of today T-Mobile is reporting "continued positive momentum and the building of a solid foundation for growth."

HTC revenues continue to drop, now showing a 3 year low

HTC unveiled the One smartphone last month and many are calling for it to be the savior. Time will tell just how accurate that ends up being, however it does look like the HTC One is off to a good start. The handset received the "Best Mobile Device" award at Mobile World Congress. The One took first above the Sony Xperia Z, however we are a bit curious as to whether that would have come out the same had the Galaxy S4 been announced. Without worrying about what could have happened, we do have some HTC financials to discuss today.

T-Mobile Q4 2012 earnings and 4G LTE status update posted

T-Mobile has recently posted their Q4 2012 earnings report and along with that came some news regarding their 4G LTE network. The carrier is still touting themselves as being the "un-carrier" and comments from John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile USA include both how they ended 2012 on a "strong note" and that moving forward they plan to "put customers at the center of everything" they do.

HTC posts a dismal Q1 2013 outlook

HTC has officially posted their Q4 2012 earnings report, which came along with word suggesting that Q1 2013 isn't going to be much better. In fact, according to the Q1 2013 outlook from HTC, things may actually be getting a bit worse. Lets get the Q4 details out of the way before we move into what may happen in the future.

Gameloft Q4 2012 earnings report shows a 23 percent year-over-year increase

Gameloft has released several anticipated games for Android this year. Just to name a few, we saw Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Asphalt 7: Heat. Of course, in addition to the hype surrounding the launch of Modern Combat 4, we also saw that game given away with the MOGA game controller offer a while back. Individual games aside though, Gameloft has recently released their Q4 2012 earnings report and they are showing consolidated sales of €57.7 million.

AT&T Q4 posts $32.6bn in revenue, still loses $3.9 billion

Just like many others this past week the folks from AT&T are holding their earnings and financial results calls today. As usual we are following along for anything interesting, while also watching Apple's stock, and today AT&T posted some decent numbers although they still raked in a net loss. According to the report AT&T posted $32.6 billion in revenue for Q4 of 2012.
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